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AIR Manifolds


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I needed to put new check valves on the Avanti AIR System and worked on it today. The driver's side went fine with the AIR Manifold being nice and shiny. A couple of heatings of the burnt out check valve and off it came. The passenger side was different story. The AIR Manifold was completely rusted and I didn't give it much of a chance of lasting through the check valve removal process. Four heatings of the check valve and no budge. Finally the manifold gave out-there was very little metal left. Luckily I was able to get the rusted old AIR manifold out of the exhaust manifold-cut off all the tubes and used a deep well socket on the fittings with a lot of heat. Amazing that there was room to work without removing any other parts! Now the question-any body have any idea what the 82 305 is out of in the Chevy line. NAPA has an 82 Camaro AIR Manifold in the warhouse which I am paying to ship to the local store to see if it is correct-no picture available. From what I have seen on-line it is probably not right assuming you can believe the pictures. Once long ago I crossed the carb through it's number when getting a rebuild kit and it came up as a van motor! Any ideas out there???



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