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A couple videos of my Avanti with the TKO 5 speed


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I put the DV cam into the open center console, with the lid flipped

back, and used a garage door opener remote to prop it up. I will get

an actual CAM mount, but this had to do for now.

Here is the gear whine the TKO makes, I did a slow run through the

gears up to 4th:

Here is a harder run up through 5th gear, without a functioning tach

I am quite hesitant to wrap the RPMs up too high. I also have a bad

squating problem thats become VERY bad with the lower TKO gearing.

Here is the hardest run of the day, you can hear the tires bark into

second gear, and the rear end hit the floor on launch.

I will be putting together another article for Avanti Magazine covering

the TKO install process.


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Congrats Tom on the manual trans swap. It looks like a lot of fun in there. She sure is running nice and smooth. Without the engine sounds in the background it looks like the shifting is being done parked in the garage. ;)

Have you any plans for sway bars? Improved cornering is about all that's left to have an unmitigated enjoyable driving experience in an Avanti.

Thanks for taking and posting the video.

Joe Menacker

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Thanks Joe,

It does run amazingly good considering the 103k on it. I have only done

valve seals/spark plugs as far as making it run better. The restrictive

exhaust is one of the things on my list, as is eventually sway bars. The

rear suspension has shown its inadequacy since the lower TKO first gear

has been introduced. The T-86 has a 2.5 first, your T56 has a 2.66 and

the TKO has a 3.27!!! Thats made a huge difference in launch, which

has also bad the rear axle hit the floor with ease! I am checking on a

set of fiberglass rear leafs, and will do some Bilstein shocks. For sway

bars I have been considering the TBow 20th anniversary Avanti set.

Thanks for the reply, its helpful to know my work is appreicated. ;)


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