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  1. Looking for a replacement brake booster, dual master cylinder combo for my Avanti. I'm wondering what bore master cylinder, since I'm going to a tandem. I typically use speedway auto for stuff like this.
  2. Thanks for the references. Looks like a treasure trove of Avanti stuff. And thanks for the tool recommendation, typical tubing benders in frustrating in tight spots.
  3. After taking about a year and a half to recover from open heart surgery, getting my new bovine aortic valve, I'm finally feeling like I can do a bit of work on R-1880, my '63 avanti. First item up is my ailing brake system. Wondering what you all think about aftermarket boosters and dual master cylinders. I don't like driving with a single master cylinder (esp. in crazy SoCal traffic). I'm just wondering what you all have done. Thanks in advance
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