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  1. Lew, Our AOAI Magazine Editor is almost done with Issue #204 which will have about 5 pages about next year's AOAI Nationals in the Detroit area.

    He is also working towards updating the website and adding an on-line Meet Registration Form.

    Sept 17-21, 2024 ....... Host Hotel is the Embassy Suites in Livonia, MI.   ....... Hope to see you all there !

  2. Sadly, another chapter in the long Avanti story closes with the passing of Geoff Newman. I was fortunate to have been at the S-N Museum in July during the AOA-Indy Chapter's Avanti 60th Anniversary celebration. Geoff was a featured speaker there and shared many details about being part of the Newman-Altman years in South Bend during Avanti II production. He told a very interesting story about the manufacturing of the cars there, 1965-1983. He was quite a character and will certainly be missed. R.I.P. Geoff. You were a great man.


    (attached photo taken 7-9-2022 at the S-N Museum)

    ..................  Harvey Snitzer ..... RQB-1659  .................

    S-B Avanti 60th Anniv 7-09-22.JPG

  3. I was there. The people, the cars & the weather was excellent. Mike Baker gathered 35 Avantis for the photo shoot on Friday.

    The Avanti Time Line at the Concours d'Elegance at Copshaholm on Saturday was impressive.

    I had a great time there with my Avanti friends (met some new ones too).

    My car ('71 Avanti II RQB-1659) ran great down & back (453 miles driven) from Canton, Michigan.

    (My gold car on arrival on Thursday at The Inn at St Mary's)

    7-07-22 Inn at St Marys in SB, IN.JPG

  4. Gents,

    In June 2013 I was invited by The Henry Ford Museum's Transportation Guru, Matt Anderson thru Andy Beckman, to place my '71 Avanti II inside the display tent next to the museum's '63 Avanti. The Motor Muster (an annual car show featuring over 300 vehicles 1933-1976) is a big annual event held on the grounds of Greenfield Viallage in Dearborn, MI. The 50th anniv of the Avanti was being celebrated and they wanted the two cars together to show the transition from the original Avanti to the Avanti II. I had a great two days there. There are a lot of folks out there who actually know quite a bit about the history of the Avanti. You can just see the '63's whell lip showing just above my car in the photo. I'll send a second photo in my next posting. In that photo you can see a goo comparison of the two cars.


  5. Hey Guys, I have a gold '71 (RQB-1659). Last October I installed a 3rd (hi-mount) Stop Light. I got it from Daniel Stern Lighting http://www.danielsternlighting.com/ . He is a wizard of the aftermarket lighting systems for cars/trucks/jeeps. He has several models of the 3rd stop lights. They are mounted at the bottom center of the rear window and are ordered according to rear window angle. The Avanti window is 31 degrees at the bottom. So, I ordered Model 37. It cost about $75. It's made by Hella in Australia (or, New Zealand?). Take a look at the sight and check it out. It's a very bright LED unit and takes all of the worry out of being seen braking. I ran wiring forward to the brake switch (had to hid the wires under the threshold cover and behind the read side panel and side of the rear seat, then up under the rear window shelf. ............. Harv

  6. Wayne,

    Thanks for your reply. I took your ideas and checked out the wiring attachments. I found that the 12v power wire to the fan control was attached to the lug for the fan power wire. Once I swapped these wires the system worked exactly as it should. Who ever previously swapped these must have done so in order to use the fan/blower for air flow without engaging the AC Comprsr on the low serviced system. Thanks again for all of your help on this. I now have a Cool Avanti II ..............

    Regards, Harvey

  7. Hello. I'm new to this Forum as I recently purchased my first Avanti. RQB-1659 has been expertly maintained for the past 31 years by Randy Atkin. The car is near perfect. Now I get to have all of the fun of doing my best to keep it that way.

    The only issue with the car is the AC not working. I took it to a friend to have the system checked out. He evacuated, oiled & recharged the system. But, no AC Comprsr clutch engagement. We ran 12v to the clutch and checked out the system and it produced ice cold air into the car .... good deal! But, no power to the wire to the AC Comprsr clutch.

    I opened up the center stack. The On-Off Fan switch works as it should. The Temp switch (P/N 1552650) is wired correctly as I see it. Not sure where to go next. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Harv

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