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  1. I have owned my 1963 Avanti R2 for 26 years. From the Production Order from the Studebaker National Museum, the Serial Number is R-3794, Body Number RQ-2805, and Engine Number RS-2179. My problem is that on my Bill of Sale from 4/1996 the "Serial number" is designated "RO2805", and that number is used on my state registration documents as far back as 1994 as the car's VIN. So, is the use of the body number as the VIN common, or should the Serial number on the frame rail have been used as the VIN? Also, since the "R02805" number appears incorrect anyway - it is "RQ-2805" on the production order, would I need to try to have that corrected at the DMV for a future sale? Another question: I have attached a photo of the body tag that was present on the inner right fender when I bought it. Is that a non-original tag and is that a problem? The engine and Serial number tags match the Production sheet.
  2. For Sale: 1963 R2, R02805. Automatic transmission, 86,800 miles. I have owned the car since 1996. I am moving (downsizing) and will have no storage space. The car runs well and is mechanically sound. No frame rust. Original matching numbers engine. Electric windows and all gauges (except clock) functional, nice older paint, tired non-original interior. $29,500. Let me know if you want to see more photos, video, or come for in person inspection. Located in Leeds, Alabama, near Birmingham. Brian Larson blarson51@gmail.com
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