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  1. i want to replace my headlights, their has been some chat about putting in better ones, new and much brighter than stock. i have a 1963-1964 avanti with round high /low. but i found no listings for studebaker. i herd that any mustang 1972 will work. along with the newer light designs they recomend putting in a relay to carry the increase amp draw. any one done this?, and what type? B)

  3. your photos dont shown the hole i have. i will post photos this weekend, the hole is at the bottom shelf below the tank to the left of the wiring harness juction. their is a flat indention spot in the fiberglass. i will kill him the most humanly as i can. glue boards? i came up with a idea about closing the hole and will post photos of the idea. ps i check the trap, nothing i took it out tom and put down glue boards.

  4. thank guys, it is a hole about 2" and looks like it would be if their was a ruppture in the tank it could drain their. . i found that their is 1' hole at the top on both rear fender sides from the tank area for vent lines and it seems to be the freeway for the mice to the trunk. i checked it last night and found the trap was sprung and the bait gone. i will try a glue boards next. the hunt is on. i still have not pulled the tank yet the outside looks good but i wanted to do is check the inside. <_<


  5. B) this last weekend i pulled the back seat, all the screws on the bottom of the fiberglass back cover had to be drilled out. i found a hole in the bottom of the fiber glass below the tank. the week before i open the trunk and found 2 pounds of bird seed to which i couldnt figure out how the mouse or chimpmunk got it in their, i think the hole maybe where he or she is getting in and thier is holes in the fender top from the trunk to the gas tank area. is that hole in the bottom of the tank area needed ? i though it might be for a tank rupture drain or something. on a side note the back seat looked ok except the springs have a lot of rust on then any ideas on what to do with out removing covers and the matting. sand blast or wire wheel and hand painting? <_<
  6. B) thanks gents, if tires are a personality thing i guess im in trouble. i would like to go the lean wide and mean . but maybe id better buy a good overall tire first.then move to performace. i have tires that are oringinal size. over 32years old. its snowing here today, i thought this weather was behide us in northern illinois. good thing i cut the grass last night. tom i have some pictures to show you. this year over the winter i finished the distrib. cover, thanks for the pictures and the measurments. i also built and installed an on board charging system. it looks sweet. i would like to show it to the masses but i havent figered out how to add pictures. i will email you if you like, John.gadd@grainger.com

    ps thanks ERNIER i am set up to pull the intake and block off the exhaust cross over in the intake, good tip about replacing the hold down clamps. i noticed that when i ordered the intake gasket i got one for a r3/r4 is this the same as a r2? <_<

  7. I seen in turning wheels and ad for steel rims 15x6 . has any one bought these from bob helm? are they new? i need to put some new tires on my 64 r2 . after reading many web articals over the years. i am confused with what will be the best fit some say 215-70r-15, some say 215-65r-15 an some say 235-60-r15 on the rear. and others have said p205-75r-15 their has been many charts and pub. all with good and bad opitions. B)

  8. I bought intake gastets from si, I did here about blocking the crossover runner. i though it was a great idea.

    i even thought about a carbon diaoxide setup to cool the carb and the fuel suppy.

    what about a supercharger oil cooler?

    i know it not rockship building.

    It's <_< just anti prade traffic imbarsement. ;)

  9. I just purchased a 1970 Avanti II this past weekend. While going through and cleaning the car I came across a mysterous button on the drivers side of the dash. It located underneath the dash close to the chrome plate near the door. It is a little black push button. The only thing I can imagine it is for would be the power radio antenna, which does not work on my car. I contacted the previous owner and he was unaware of that button.

    Thanks for any help


    car alarm valet button! ;)

  10. thank you guys, i looked at the manual last night and found the section on drive shaft angle check and how to adjust. when i change the mounts i will check to spec. Stiffer springs on the front? interesting! the hood insulation is a pain just a rat nest, but getting all the old glue was even a bigger pain. im looking to gain more hood clearence because i added the heat intisapator under the carb to help stop the heat from boiling the carb in chicago traffic. it helped but i noticed some rubbing just a little. i will try the gasket in stead of a o ring to see i get a lil clearence too. was the al. intake manafold a aftermaket or and opt. B)

  11. question: I am changing the motor mount to gain hood clearence. i bought the mounts from SI.

    by changing then will it throw off the drive shaft angle. more than tolarance. when they went from r2 to r3 what did they do to gain hood clearence. I also bought the hood insulation, the old one had a hole in it where the supercharger bonnet is. The new doesnot, do you recomend i copy the old. B)

  12. yes i do store it in my nice warm garage. winter time in northern illinios can be dangerous. two days a ago we had a warm up and i pushed the car out of the garage into the sun light and cleaned up the garage.

    after a couple hours i started it up. as it was running a noticed a smell, i walked around to the back of the car. coming out of the tail pipe was bird feed. it reminded me of last year when fishy crackers was coming out, i blamed my 6 year old son then. i have to work on a solution for next year maybe a half a tenis ball over the tail pipe. or i take out my gun and do some hunting for chipmunks and squirrels and set :blink: traps for the mice. B)

  13. B) thanks for your help, i have come up with two build plans. still developing the prototype. carboard ;) ,

    on the oringinal they spot welded...... to me that looks <_<

    with the sides roll cornered, instead of using :blink: a brake folded side?

    i owe you one.

    come up with some measurements for your hei cover and i will post some pictures for you and for the fans.

    B) john

  14. B)

    Any idea what that might cost? I have to pick and chose my costing on

    this project, the brakes were first priority, and next up is the bumper

    rechroming, even though the exhaust is more annoying, I need to get

    it more "presentable" for the upcoming show in Sept. ;)


    i think something like free or close to it B)

  15. B)

    Just so you know, I havent forgot about you, I need to find my extra set of the

    stainless steel pieces, then this weekend, I can take some measurements, and

    a few pictures for you.


    thanks tom . also give me some size for the hei piece you need i will make it at the same time for you.

    happy 4th of july :)

  16. Ah!! The old "died before he could give it back" trick! I actually have two sets of

    these stainless steel parts, and I will be installing an HEI distributor, so I cant even

    use the stock cover! The HEI is a bigger diameter then the Stude unit. Any clues

    how much these are worth? I want to be fair, but I also need my bumpers to be

    rechromed! Gosh darn chrome bumpers!!! Are the R1 parts same as R2?

    Lemme know.


    ;) thanks tom id say their worth what someone is willing to pay.

    i dont what to insult you in any way. i have enjoyed what you have reported to us fans

    for the last year. im interested in reproduce it, i am motived to craft. i have the s.s. the brake,and the tig welder, with a machinist skill level..................................


    really: my wife wont let me send our money . id say its worth 350.00 for set or 150.00 for the center cover. it seams its never the right time!

    im interested in doing a good if not better job than the oringinal. still on the look out for some demensions and some pictures


  17. dear fellow avanti lovers. i have been hunting for a s.s. distrubutor cover for my 64 r2 avanti for 10 years.

    it seems the whole world is had some run in with a mechanic that forgot to put all the parts back. on mine it was taken by such a mechanic. he asured me he would find it in his shop. then died. :o i have tryed all the regular parts depots for avanti, and studebaker. with out any luck. being a craftsmen i decided to faithfully reproduce it 6years ago. its ok, but this past weekend i was at the studebaker show in illinois. the real thing looks far better, far from the design i did. im close but i would like to honor the car and the fans of avanti buy doing a better reproduction. can anyone tell me of any prints or drawings that will help me complete my passion to show a classic car with the right pieces. thanks john B)

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