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  1. I did exactly that to my '81....took off the grille, unbolted the cow catcher, then trimmed the brackets off the frame with a little Mikata high speed grinder and a few wheels.

    I did bite the bullet and buy a brand new early grille with no cutouts, but believe me it was worth it. That new grille made the whole car look new again. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw it.

    I did have to re-drill a few mounting holes for the new grille, since they all didn't line up, but that was nothing much since it is fibreglass.

  2. I installed 2001 Trans Am seats in my '81. I am 6'2" and 260 pounds (all muscle! Ha!). I wanted plenty of legroom, so, after a long afternoon of trying, retrying, checking fore/aft with the power seat, height, side to side to just clear the storage box, seat belt mounting, etc. etc. I got it right for me.

    I re-did the process with the passenger seat, and if I recall I repositioned the side to side a little further away from center for better elbow room. The drivers side was more towards the center of the car due to lining up with the center of the steering column.

    I carefully drilled new holes in the floor, and using some steel plate, made a sandwich deal for the mounts. No vibration, and I believe they are safely mounted, due to the steel plate sandwich technique.


  3. I have an 81 and have used the book from time to time. It's worth having, that's for sure.

    I'm surprised the author doesn't take Paypal. I believe there is a slight % charge for using it; why not just add this to the total?

    As a merchant who takes credit cards, I find the slight loss of $ is worth the convenience for the customer.

  4. Previous owner in my '81 installed a DIN size radio. I upgraded it with the same size (into the same case) and added a better touch by custom grinding/filing a faceplate to perfectly follow the contours of the dash radio opening.

    I know this is not the best way, but it sure makes for a wide selection.

    Anyway, I'm sure this has been considered by now.

    The main advantage to the '81 is that the radio speaker grill is replaced with the little storage niche which drops into the same space.


  5. On my '81 I matched up a "screw" style cap with one at an auto parts store. My '81 needs the newer style, threaded, screw on cap.

    I had to modify it by grinding off the twist tabs, so as to allow the car door flap to fully close.


    Later, I did one better, and bought a basic old style smoothie "chrome" cap. All I was after was the shiny part, so the application didn't matter.... kind of resembles a baby moon hub cap.... then, I carefully disassembled/destroyed it, saving only that shiny top.

    I then epoxied this shiny top onto my existing cap, after trial fitting and plastic filing/grinding, to make sure the new modified cap allowed my door flap to fully close. Looks cool, like an old style cap on the modern tank end.

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