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  1. Definitely. It looks like a pretty good dose of mold. I'll know more when it's in the garage.
  2. Thank you Dwight. Mold remediation YouTube lesson tonight. Thankfully my wife is much smarter than me. I see a hazmat suit coming!
  3. Thank you. That's the car. We will have it in the air tomorrow and do a through inspection underneath. The R2 on BAT was familiar. A YouTube series was done on the mechanical and cosmetic restoration. The gentleman was very informative and thunk that will be a nice R2 to own. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.
  4. Recently bought a project R1 off ebay, will pick the car up on Monday. I have been reading the various topics and thought I should ask this question...what is the proper way to or protocol to have the car in an Avanti registry? I appreciate the heritage of the 63-64 R1 and R2's. Thank you in advance for any guidance 🙏
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