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  1. I have a 1969 Avanti that I would like to have an electric release added to. I would like one that has a remote control. I would like this as something that I could use all of the time and also in case the cable release fails as I am disabled and cannot use the hatch on the rear parcel shelf. Any suggestions as to what to buy and if this is even possible? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I am disabled so it will be my mechanic who will do this. He has found other problems that he will address first. There are some who think the Tightsteer is a bad idea for my car but I guess we will see.
  3. I recently purchased a 1969 Avanti and it has considerable steering play. It has one of these installed. Has anyone used this and how much correction will it do? I fear that the steeling box will have to be rebuild.
  4. Thank you so much for the information. I did find some.
  5. No. Just a hole. Thanks for the information.
  6. I just have a round knob that activates the wipers. There is a hole in the center of the cowl that I assume may have been where the washers would have been located. If you can post pictures and a further explanation it would help me. I haven't had a car this old in decades and really can't remember about the wipers. Should I be able to get refills for my wipers? I have wipers on my 1990 Mustang that I can get refills for. Thank you so much for your information. Sorry for my slow reply but I thought I would get an email notification every time someone posted.
  7. I am not interested in brand but just what number of a brand or brands to look for. I cannot find exactly what to buy and have found most "name" brands to be acceptable. So hopefully you can send me in the right direction. If there should be a washer then I will assume that it was not an option and someone must have removed it along the way. How was it triggered? Thank you for your help.
  8. I recently purchased a 1969 and cannot find information on what replacement wiper or wiper refill to use. The wiper is very short about 15 inches I think. Also should the car have a windshield washer? Sorry if this has been answered but I could not find anything on this site. Thanks!
  9. I too would like to know what a replacement wiper would be for my 1969 which I recently purchased.
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