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  1. I really appreciate your responses. Very helpful. R
  2. Again thanks for the information and your patience in this dialog. Best I can see is a casting number 1557582 (see attached)--would that suggest a 289 block?
  3. Would that be visible without removing the cylinder heads?
  4. Thanks for the responses above. From those, I assume the cast in number at the right corner of the block isn't helpful. Given that this mystery motor is married with the supercharger and a 4-speed and that the car was at one time used for racing, is there any chance that it could be an R-3? Needless to say, I appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Thanks for the response, I was unable to see an engine number on the top of the block left front (see attached photos). Any thoughts on where else to look? Much obliged, Rick
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