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  1. Thanks Gary I'm still learning the differences and transitions in the Avanti's
  2. Hello all. I've grown up around and have owned many Studebakers, but this past weekend, I finally had the opportunity to buy my first Avanti. A 64 R1 car. The car has been sitting since 2007 and the previous owner has passed, but I'd like to find out more history of the car. The car has had a lot of unique work done to it - wheel flairs were added, the hood had a cowl induction added (and the offset bulge removed). Anyway, I was researching and found Michael Thompson's name through the Avanti registry as the 2001 owner and was hoping that I could get some more history on the car. I know that the car was sold in and spent it's life in California until 2007 where it sat in storage until this past weekend. The previous owner bought it from a dealership in California and had it shipped to the east coast. If anyone knows Michael, or the history of the car and the work done, I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me out. Thanks again! 2007 eBay Listing from Bob Johnson's Page
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