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  1. Mfg, Mike and Dwight. What can I say, Wow! Thanks so much for not only the quick responses, but also supplying exactly the level of detail I needed. Wife has no problem getting in and out of lower cars, I just needed to know if a walker or travel wheel chair would fit in the trunk. I don't want to put those in the back seat area because that then eliminates my ability to take others in the car and risks damaging the upholstery. Mike, many thanks for the picture. That really helps. All the best to you all. John
  2. I am looking into purchasing an Avanti (likely a Blake car from 1983-85) to use as my daily driver. My wife recently had a stroke and needs to use a walker, or if we are walking longer distances, a travel wheel chair. So my vehicle choices in the future must be able to fit a travel wheel chair and/or walker into the trunk. Can someone measure the width of the trunk opening and also the dimension inside the trunk from front to back and left to right? I have searched online and this information is not posted anywhere, only the cubic feet. If anyone is in the Nashville area I could meet up with you take the measurements myself. Thanks so much. John John Jacob Franklin, Tennessee
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