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  1. I should add that the fuel is fresh. We siphoned out the old fuel, added a few gallons of fresh, then lost at least two or three gallons to leakage when we pulled the fuel line off the pump (fuel was just pouring out and we had to cork it until we got a brass plug in there). Then, when we finally pulled the plug to install the fuel line into the pump last night, nothing came out... which makes me think the tank slowly drained over the past few months.
  2. Hey everyone, it's been a while! We finally got a carb, but the fuel line was fused to the old carb, so it took us another couple months to source the right line from Summit, then another couple months to get it installed. The engine fired right up and ran BEAUTIFULLY for about 30 seconds, then puttered and died. My neighbor thinks the fuel pump gave out right then, although he also mentioned the rust/clogging issues that people have mentioned here. I don't have much time to spend tinkering with this thing, as I have a young daughter, a busy wife, and some sick family members, so my time is precious. Dropping the tank is really not an option. Given that, what would you all suggest would be my next steps to resolve this? Option 1 is just to swap the fuel filter and see what happens. Option 2 is to try and feed the filter from an external gas canister (run the supply lines from the pump into a container of clean gas) to isolate the pump and diagnose from there. Options 3 is replace the lines, the filter, and possibly also the pump, all in one go, and see what happens. Option 4 is to just take it to a shop and let them figure it out. thoughts?
  3. Hi all, We're working on getting my grandpa's '77 running after sitting for many years in his garage. There was nearly a full tank of gas that we siphoned out, and replaced with premium. Threw in a new battery and a bit of gas in the carb and it cranked right over and caught a few times. We couldn't get it to stay running, and our car restorer buddy said the lower jets (I think that's what he said) were probably clogged and the engine was running lean. His thought was to just swap carbs, but I'm finding out that new quadrajets are nearly impossible to find. So my options are (i) ebay for a decent used one, (ii) pay someone to rebuild, or (iii) something else?? What would you all recommend? I see some "recently rebuilt" quadrajets on ebay fo $200 or so, is that worth the risk? Or would it be better just to pull it and take it to someone to rebuild? Also, if I buy one, what do I need to look for to make sure I get one that matches this vehicle? Any other advice is welcome! Thanks much.
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