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  1. Thanks much! Called him, he doesn't make them anymore and he doesn't trust anyone who does... he recommended an experienced radiator/tank repair shop. Guess I'll look around, thinking Elburn Radiator Repair.
  2. Oooh, do you have his contact info?
  3. Hey all, I need a new tank for my '77. I've been in touch with Bob at AvantiParts.biz, and while he promises that he's getting a new batch soon, he's been telling me that for months and still no action (he also never actually gets back to me when he says he will, I have to call every time, which is frustrating). Does anyone know of another good option for a new tank? I could possibly go down the repair route, but the shop I'm working with is pretty skeptical about it. But now that it's been months without any success with AvantiParts (despite their repeated assurances of "two weeks") I might be up for anything. I'm in Chicagoland, if it matters. Thanks!
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