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  1. When turning off my 1982 Avantii II the lights would not turn off. The rocker switch for headlights and parking lights worked but the on/off rocker would not turn the lights off. I am not sure the rocker is at fault. The rocker seems to be working properly, it feels and sounds right. Additionally, I suspect there is a parasitic electrical drain. When I got the car about a year ago it came with a marine deep cycle battery, which went dead shortly after I got it. However, a full charge cured the dead battery issue until recently. The car only has 15k miles, so has only been driven sporadically. Long periods of not driving could have drained a regular car battery, hence a deep cycle battery? When I left it at friends while I was out of town for over a month, he said it went dead and had to be charged. Could there be a short in the circuit controlled by the on/off rocker the makes the circuit closed? Defective relay? I love this car, but this breaks my heart.
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