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  1. I will go with the electric at some point. Bought 4 new hoses, after a day of frustration with them not fitting, loosening up when moving and inaccessibility, we gave up. Replaced the one leaking the most and reinstalled the other 3 old hoses. The new hoses were too stiff to travel and would just move at the connection and loosen up with just a couple of test turns on the hoist. Never again will I work on this power steering system. Next repair will be the conversion.
  2. Thank you, I'm going to do this.
  3. Definitely not steady and idle seems ok, I need to inspect for a vacuum leak I'm thinking.
  4. I've never had a car with a vacuum gauge before. Now that the 63 R1 is up and driving more I wonder if I have an issue. When idling the gauge bounces all over and then at any other rpm it is steady. Is the idling bounce an indication of some sort of problem or is it just normal operation? Thanks
  5. All good information here. Today turned out to be a pretty good weather day so I went out to the garage and uncovered and moved things around to get to the Avanti. This Avanti definitely had a non vented gas cap. Who knows if it is original or not. I removed the rear seat and took a look at the tank and lines. No real signs of rot but the rubber lines probably are original. I'm going to borrow a camera scope this weekend and see if any rust in the tank. If so I will remove it and then deal with the rubber hoses then. If I can I will try to fish a new one in there. I am also going to add a vented cap and see how that works. As far as the vent hose being used as more of an expansion overflow, I'm skeptical. Seems to me if gas was forced up into the vent hose it would also be forced up into the fill tube if a vented cap. If a non vented cap I suppose the air pressure could not escape the fill and that might keep the gas from going into the fill hose. Then possibly the vent hose would work as described for expansion. Liquid will seek the path of least resistance and if it can escape 2 ways it will balance itself. Probably over thinking it and will just try to replace everything the way it is. Thanks for the help.
  6. You are probably right, I have not checked since the car is still in storage but I think I have found info on the forums that maybe they were not vented? If the cap is vented why the need for the other vent line out of the tank?
  7. My next project on the 63 R1 is to remove the gas tank and replace all of the rubber fuel hose. Trying to search tells me the line for the vent up the rear sail panel will be quite a challenge. I also see that maybe the gas cap is not vented. What is the reason I could not just cap off the vent hose at the tank and then use a vented gas cap? Thanks
  8. Thanks for this one, looks like something I would do.
  9. First I will say I have had no luck with the search button. Who are the sources for the Power steering control valve rebuilds? Also will want the assist ram rebuilt and will replace all the hoses. Great amounts of fluid on the garage floor. Where have you actually sent a valve for rebuild? 1963 Avanti R1. Another question, is there a difference with steering boxes for a manual steering car? If a power steering failure should happen would a simple removal of the belt on the pump make it drive like a manual car? Should a conversion to the electric steering system be considered? Any advise or recommendations appreciated. Thanks
  10. Buying one of these compared to buying something from a vendor was not the question. I could not think of a reason why it would not fit. The shield seems to be the best guess. I actually have bought from Dave Thiebeault before if that matters.
  11. The actual fit makes more sense to me. I did not think of it as my car does not have the steel shielding installed. Thanks for the information. Here is a link to the distributor on ebay, also there are others for sale a lot of places including Studebaker International https://www.ebay.com/itm/202549607977?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=202549607977&targetid=1263094004306&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9018933&poi=&campaignid=13917615559&mkgroupid=128459919281&rlsatarget=pla-1263094004306&abcId=9300613&merchantid=8298174&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvaeJBhCvARIsABgTDM5zKj0cGCAfCm7Nqt6cAXNr_uCWcqp_bDNIf4y5WiV1GrZw2bO-Tg0aAuMPEALw_wcB And another https://swperformanceparts.com/product/hei7733bk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvaeJBhCvARIsABgTDM4p2EdccBiI19GCB1nX0Dcfe7kOF4DOdT4VXllRv5xFUhsZQYCa5gIaAhBzEALw_wcB
  12. I see that several vendors sell a new electronic distributor for Studebaker V8's. They say for any V8 except Avanti. I'm wondering why they would not work on an Avanti? Is it just compatibility with the wiring that a little custom wiring would solve? Or is it actually a difference in the motor on the Avanti? I sure would like to know if anyone has any insight. Thanks
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