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  1. I am familiar with BaT. Their "sponsorship" does get higher prices. They require extensive pictures and they write the copy based on what the seller tells them. recorded information, and their knowledge of the market and prices. They also charge quite a bit for this service. Most BaT listings have a reserve. About 20% don't make the reserve and don't sell even after BaT tooling.

  2. At idle when hot the oil pressure in my 1982/305 drops close to "0". Engine accelerates well and runs smoothly in all regimes. Makes no unusual noises. Has 30K miles. Does not overheat or use oil. Should I worry? Use thicker oil? 

  3. I've been following your car at BaT. There I am oldone2. You just lowered the reserve which I would not have done. BaT often gets reserve and beyond. You have been getting reasonable attention. Avanti's are not hot at BaT, but are one of the best auctions to get what you want. There are reasons.

  4. Perhaps a little off the subject, but I have repeatedly tried to find Avanti owners in the Houston area. I know there are some because I tried to start an AOAI chapter here some years ago. Just bought another Avanti and look for  nearby advice. Can't get answers from management. A chapter is listed at the AOAI Web site, but not in the magazine. Enlighten me if you know anything about this. Alone in Houston...

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