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  1. On 5/10/2021 at 6:20 AM, Gunslinger said:

    On the '70 I owned I had Sanderson block higher headers installed.  They cleared everything.  I also had a 2.5" exhaust installed all the way back with Magnaflow mufflers.  It had a nice rumble at low rpm's and opened up nicely as rpm's rose.  





    These look promising!  Do you recall where you bought them?

  2. Thx for all the input.  I currently have rams horns & true duals.  Looking for more giddy up in the exhaust area.  Planning on wrapping whatever ultimately is chosen so heat isn't really a concern.  Any headers out there that don't have issues with the steering box?  Any Intel is much appreciated😀

  3. I have a 77 Avanti with the corvette L48 350 small block.  Added dual exhaust but looking for better flow.  Anyone install headers?  Shorties? Long tube?  Hooker?  Headman? Looking for thoughts/ideas.  Thx!!

  4. Today I let the gas tank run near empty.  Filled up @ Costco & the gauge went up above 1\2 to nearly 3/4.  First time gauge has read above 1/2 in a while. Could there be an issue with the float that's causing the inaccurate reading? Gauge jumps around quite a bit but read near empty when tank was close to empty. 

  5. I have a 77 Avanti.  I filled the gas tank & it only read 1/2.  As I drove the gauge bounces between 1/2 & 1/8.  Recently I ran out of gas when the gauge read 1/8.  Is there a ground that is typically bad?  Are these gas gauges inherently faulty?  Any insight is appreciated.  Thx!!

  6. Hi All,

    I disconnected my speedometer cable so I could remove the gauge cluster to replace burnt out bulbs....what a PITA!!! Not a whole lot of room to manuever but I got all of them.  Anyway upon reinstalling cable the speedometer/odometer both aren't functioning.  Its not the gauge as I can manually spin it & both work.  I disconnected & reconnected several times...nothing.  Car does have cruise control & it worked prior to all of this.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!!


  7. Hi All,

    My 77 has been running a bit hot out here in the desert (AZ).  I took a peek under the hood & the radiator has seen better days.  Small leaks in the fin areas & the drivers side tank area appears corroded.  Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket option for an aluminum radiator?  Is my only option having my original cleaned/boiled & re-cored?  Any thoughts appreciated.  Thanks!



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