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  1. Well fellas,I am reading this again and again. Seems like alot of this was some 10 years ago. I removed my THM and installed the 200r4. I did buy the rods,shift housing,indicator,new boot and arm from Dan Boothe. I for one will never mention his pricing for two reasons,the first being he has the parts! Second. The man is a walking encyclopedia,and very generous with his knowledge. Unfortunately,when they finally lay him to rest, everything in his head is going with him. My driveshaft did not need to be altered with the exception of buying a little longer front yoke and a different,two size,bearing u joint. As far as the speedo,I ordered a speedometer correction unit from California Performance Transmission in Huntington Beach for a $100.00 you unscrew your cable from the transmission, screw the corrector on and then the speedo cable goes into this. My speedometer read 46,when gps read 50 mph. Important to me because I ordered a Compushift mini computer to control my shifts,I wanted my overdrive lockup to lockup automatically,and,my overdrive to UNLOCK automatically. This is controlled,partly buy a speedsensor,included in the plug and play mini computer. That is why I bought the speedo corrector. The whole computer comes factory set,but it is bluetooth enabled to your ipad,or smart phone,do you can adjust the shifts,via the app. I did have to get a dipstick and tube,shorten and redrill my read transmission mount and get a TV cable and mount for my Edelbrock carburetor.. My rpms at 60mph have dropped down about 1000rpms. Less heat,less engine wear and noise, and gas mileage.
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