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About Me

I have loved just about anything to do with cars and trucks since I was very young. I knew early on that I would love be an engineer in the car business as a career. During my time in Engineering School, I did a summer at AC Spark Plug in Milwaukee. I was hooked. I spent 42 years in various aspects of the business as an engineer and later as a senior executive. I worked on many different products including catalytic converters, engine control systems for gas and diesel engines, power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles all while at Delco Electronics in Kokomo, IN. I have an interest in Studebakers as a '62 Lark Regal  2 dr. was the first car I ever worked on in about the eight grade. My father and I repainted this car after replacing both front fenders and much of the brightwork with parts from Newman and Altman. It looked horrible, burt we learned a lot about painting. We lived 5 minutes from Brooks Stevens' offices and museum. He had many prototypes that he had done for Studebaker so we could frequently see him driving one around town in the early 60's. Avanti's were on my list from the minute I saw the first one at the Chicago Auto Show. After I was married, my wife and I would see a car at a local used car lot. I wished I could buy it every time we passed that corner. So finally after getting scammed earlier this year for $16500, I found a great car in California. I just plain love it. It is more fun that I had imagined. We have three other collector cars in the family. A '72 El Camino SS, a '66 Corvette convertible, and a 1967 Amphicar. We love to do car related activities of all kinds. This spring we did a Route 66 trip from Chicago to L.A. that was really fun. We took the Corvette, and had only one small problem over the 3000 miles. I am also interested in photography and restoration of Theatre Pipe Organs. We live on a reservoir on the north side of Indianapolis and have a daughter in South Bend. So, I'm looking forward to more trips to the national museum.

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