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  1. Thank you all for the good info, sorry for the extremely long delay in replying. I have gathered or confirmed all my parts for the conversion to a Tremec TKX 5-speed behind my 350 chevy. While confirming all the parts to make the conversion, it seems my GM aluminum bellhousing and TKX transmission will be short of the stock shifter location, thus placing it in the vent/heater panel. I know this conversion has been performed by using the T56 and a small block chevy, but has anyone used the old school GM bellhousing and a Tremec transmission? My measurement from the back of my existing engine block to the starting point of the shifter opening in the console is 29.75". From what I can find on the internet and a call to a Tremec dealer, from the back of the engine block with an aluminum bellhousing to the center line of a 5-speed Tremec transmissions is 25.75". I am 4" short of making it to the start of the shifter opening. Can someone please tell me than I am wrong! Thanks, Jerry
  2. I am planning to install a new Tremec TKX 5 speed in my 63. I currently have a chevy 350 with a 350 turbo transmission. I have requested and received several conversion kit quotes, but all include high performance equipment and my conversion is for cruising and show. I don't need a scatter shield bellhousing, a $350 flywheel, a $400 clutch kit, or a $600 hydraulic clutch kit. If anyone has made this or a similar conversion I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks, Jerry
  3. I have purchased and trying to install an aluminum radiator with an electric Volvo fan, but I'm running into problems with my serpentine belt system getting in the way with the crankshaft pully. My 63 has a chevy 350 and the tilted radiator. I'm not familiar with the 87 Avanti II, but it looks like the radiator is installed upright. Is the upright radiator installation original or has it been modified from the original Avantis? If someone has solved the situation I'm in I sure would appreciate any help. Jerry
  4. Morning Larry, Have you purchase and installed your electric fan? I am in the process of installing a new aluminum radiator and electric fan. Jerry
  5. Thanks for the information. I was going to cut the support, but with your comments I believe I will cut the inner fenders.
  6. I am working my way through the engine compartment and need to work on my radiator support but cannot get it out. With all bolts removed I can move it around but due to the protruding frame/body supports I cannot get it out in one piece. Is there as secret for removal of the support or do I need to cut it to get it out? Thanks Jerry
  7. Sailing Adventure Cancel my recent request for the pdf. Once I got signed in it was available for download. Thank you, Jerry
  8. Sailing Adventure I am starting the process of installing a Honda electric power steering system on my 63 Avanti. I noticed you posted an "Electric Power Steering" pdf with instruction but it is listed as unavailable. Is there any way I can get a copy? I am impressed that another Avanti owner has taken on this MODIFICATION project. I have been working on my 63 for the past four years and committed to getting it on the road during 2021. Thanks, Jerry O
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