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  1. My 63 Avanti with a Factory AC installed after the car was built has the hoses a shown in the picture from the parts book. The car is #63R1810 Both hoses have the 90 degree bend. Ron
  2. Not saying I would want to do it again but I know I did not remove either the evaporator or the Radio. I did remove the side covers on the console and might have had to unbolt the evaporator and move it but did not disconnect the Freon lines. . Yes the duct work is attached to the heater box and I did have to disconnect it. Just don't remember what I did. Miner things like the temperature control has to be disconnected. It might almost be easier to unbolt the dashboard. I did that to fix the wiper linkage Ron.
  3. Since you like home repairs and excise the job is not to bad. I do not remember how long it took when I did mine in my an 63 Avanti with an AC system. I was about 70 at the time. I did not remove the passenger seat. Ron
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