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  1. I found this 

    From Avanti Magazine Issue 187 Summer/Fall 2019 article by Curtis Fischbach AOAI Michigan member.

    The 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1991 Avanti convertibles have many common parts.

    The hydraulic power unit is from the 1987-1989 Chevrolet Cavalier (Pontiac Sunbird). It was produced by the Power Systems Division of Dura Corporation. Dura Corporation became the Dura Convertible Systems Division of Wickes Companies, Inc. Wickes, later Collins and Aikman, was liquidated in bankruptcy in 2007. Rebuilt replacement units are available in the aftermarket.

    The header, or Number One bow, is a sand casting, produced by Total industries, Inc., of South Bend. Those headers were made in batches. After the production completed, Total Industries, Inc. kept the mold for many years, but no additional pieces were ever made.

    The latch assemblies mounted in the header were from ASC, Inc., of Southgate, Michigan. The handles were shortened since the Avanti was narrower than the cars ASC, Inc. had made them for. Most of these latch parts could be found in the Renault Alliance convertibles.

    The side rail assemblies, those convertible geometry devices that make the convertible fold, are 1987-1989 Chevrolet Cavalier units, shortened at the front to fit the Avanti and its header.

    The remaining bows were again the 1987-1989 Chevrolet Cavalier bows, cut in the middle, shortened to fit the Avanti, and welded back together.

    The side quarter windows, between the front door glass and the convertible, were 1987-1989 Chevrolet Cavalier quarter glass along with the seal that meets the front door glass.

    The seals across the header and along the window line were aftermarket seal material, fashioned to match the seal designs used in the 1987-1989 Chrysler Le Baron and 1987-1989 Chevrolet Cavalier.

    The seal carriers for the side windows were from the Chevrolet Cavaliers as well.

  2. Swampboy posted a topic in 2001-2007 Avanti models:
    Good news; I think I've found solutions to my quest to replace the window sweeps on my 1988 Avanti Convertible, so I'm passing on these resources to forum members who might need the same.
    I found this video by "tuscancmh" on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQdvpEwl2ro
    This video covers changing sweeps on a 1989 Caprice bodied Avanti, but procedure and parts are the same for 87-90.
    The sweeps fit the Monte Carlo and Caprice platforms.  I've ordered them, but have not rec'd shipment yet.  If there are any problems, I'll let pass it on.
    I hope this is helpful should you need it.
    Swampboy did it worked out with the parts you ordered?
    I am planning to change my side window sweeps to, but as I have to get the shipped to Europe I want to know that they are good replacement parts. 
    Intresting video, it is not a"bult on" operation.
  3. It looks like most of the aftermarket seat belts are for horisontal mounting. I am looking for seatbelts for vertikal mounting. Searching on Google I cant find any European suppliers. There are Chines suppliers but with bad specifications regarding assembly in verticla/horisontal.


  4. Referring to below mail conversation, I would say that there is hope ?

    Från: John Hull <avantifromct@aol.com>
    Skickat: den 23 oktober 2018 19:54
    Till: jwikstro@hotmail.com
    Ämne: Re: 1987 partsbook -shopmanual
    As u probably know the 1987 Avantis started life as Chevrolet Monte Carlos
    I would purchase the appropriate GM parts book and repair manuals for that car
    I do have the 1987 Avanti Electrical and Wiring Diagram manual from Avanti
    I also have the build sheet and sales invoice for your vehicle
    I would need the last four digits of your VIN
    If interested in any or all I can quote prices exclusive of postage
  5. I have a piece of original FEDERAL ODOMETER MILAGE STATEMENT AND OHIO SELLER´SAFFIDAVIT paper from -88 (was into some other documents to my car). The shape of the document are not great but I can mail it to the owner if wanted.



  6. The routing is the same on my car, but i have an additional hose coming from a spigot on the engine block close by the distributor (se pic) going to the T-piece on the return hose on the driver side.

    Any one who know way there are differences between cars from the same model year?



  7. Gary,

    This variant I was not aware of. On mine there are a shut of valve after the temp control valve. There are an arrow that indicate water flow direction from the heater on the temp control valve.

    When inspecting the temp control valve there are a grove that lets water pas on the outlet side, probably to drain the valve when closing. When blowing from outlet side there are a leak, when blowing from inlet side, no leak.

    And I thought that was way the shut of valve as the temp control valve seems to be turned backwards.......Or do I got it totally wrong and mixed inlet outlet of heater hoses.


  8. I need help understand the heater hose routing.

    On my car there are a cable operated non-bypass open heater valve in the pressure hose on the right side of the engine before the heater. And a red hose coming from the backside of the engine going to a T-piece on the return hose on the left side of the engine see pic. When looking on pics of other cars I see routings where there are a T-piece on the pressure hose and a hose going to the engine. And on some there seems to be no T-piece an hose going to the engine. I have looked at pics from Chevy forums and seen non with the T-piece and hose to engine.

    Which routing are correct ? Do I really need that that extra T-piece and hose to engine?post-12909-0-26334300-1479925335_thumb.jpgpost-12909-0-17078400-1479925355_thumb.jpg


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