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  1. OK Lew, will do. At this point I am awaiting a hoist installation so that when I get under the car, I can get back up! As you can imagine this is a major undertaking but I really think it will be worth it. Cheers, Bill
  2. My 1970 Avanti II RQA 0332 came with a 350 CID 300 HP. I am fixing that with it bored to 355 CID and a Roller Cam and rockers and Turbo Angle Plug GM cylinder heads. Hopefully I will have some success this spring/summer in bringing this very old project to fruition. Bill
  3. Hi Guys, I am planning for this spring to hopefully finish my long awaited 1970 Project Avanti. I am converting a Flight-o-matic to a Doug Nash 5 Speed Standard Transmission. I have the pedals suspended and am using a scatter shield on the back of a heavily modified 355 CID. I realize the new clutches are all diaphragm but seeing as I started this a long time ago it is old school technology. I have a McLeod Borg & Beck Long clutch assembly which I don't believe they use any more(-11"?) Has anyone used a McLeod hydraulic throw out bearing? If so which model? Any assistance and guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill I
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