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  1. Alan, The Avanti rear axles do not have a removable center section. The one I have is the complete unit It has everything including new axles . It is a "twin-Traction" or limited slip Dana 44. The only way to ship it would be by truck and that could be expensive because of the distance and weight of this unit. The price is $1,000 which is what I paid for it.

     You should be able to find something closer to you, but if you don`t let me know and maybe we can figure something out.



  2. Alan, I have a complete rear axle, wheel to wheel, I bought it a few years ago and it was New old stock. I put it in my Avanti and used it for about 500 miles. My car has a 4 speed and it the ratio was wrong for a straight drive car. The car just wouldn`t start off without slipping the clutch so I put the old 3:73 back in. It`s a 3:31 ratio Twin Traction.

    Let me know if you`re interested in it.  I`m located in Greensboro, NC   Jeff McCain

  3. I used the original steering box on my car, it had no power steering. I see no reason why you could not use the same steering box that is already on your car and just remove the hoses to the power cylinder and control valve. you would also have to make a hose to recirculate the fluid in the power steering pump.  If you wanted to do a little more work you could remove all of the power steering parts and replace them with parts from a car that didn`t come with power steering. This would not only eliminate some weight from the front end of your car but would definitely get rid of some oil leaks.

  4. Keith, It was nice to speak to you yesterday by phone, but to let others know, I can build a complete ready to install steering column with all wiring and relays for $1,000.00

    I must have your old steering column sent to me first to modify because I don`t have any of these units built at this time. I do have everything else ready and the turnaround time is about one week. The installation time is about two hours, It involves removing the brake booster for access to bolts on the steering shaft rag joint, the four bolts holding the column to the bottom of the dashboard and disconnecting the turn signal wiring.

    To install the unit I build, the only difference is the wiring, there is only one wire to the motor, and one wire to the ignition switch, the other wiring is in the harness that I send with the unit.

    Electric power steering eliminates belts, hoses, pumps, valves, pulleys, weight, and leaks.

  5. The motor doesn`t interfere with the foot room at all. When it is installed it is rotated to the left side and up. The control box is relocated to the top of the steering column near the firewall.  I`m sorry but I can`t seem to get any better pictures of the installation because I`ve also added A/C under the Dash. That made it even more difficult to install the P/S







  6. Another thing to be aware of , the `63-`64 Avanti had the same spline count as the Ford steering shaft. I thought they were all the same and bought an adapter for a GM shaft after I broke my original steering wheel before I converted to electric power steering. It didn`t take long before it stripped but luckily I was in my driveway when that happened.

  7. Electric Power steering.pdf 

    Please download  the PDF above for more detailed information and pictures.

    I know that I`m not the first person to install electric power steering on an older car, it`s been done many times, but I thought I would show the details of how it was done on my Avanti. I hope it helps to explain the steps necessary to do this if you want to do this on your car.


    Steering .jpg

    Steering Notes.jpg

    Steering Electrical diagram.jpg


    On 8/31/2018 at 9:48 AM, VtMike said:

    sailingadventure - 

    Great looking install on the AC.  Also great looking engine compartment.  Would love to see the rest of the Avanti and hear about other improvements you have made.  


    Here are a few pictures of the car. I`m now going to install electric power steering and I`ll post a thread on how to do it when I finish it. I completely rebuilt the car, Engine, NOS rear Twin Traction Rear axle, wiring, Paint and body repair, I rebuilt the supercharger, and replaced the interior. It also has Real knock off wheels.



    DSC04132 - Copy.JPG


    DSC04135 - Copy.JPG

  9. Here are a few pictures of the way I installed the A/C on my R-2. I don`t know if they`ll help. I run the compressor and alternator off of the same belt, and it works great,  I`d like to have 2 belts on the compressor but one seems to work just fine.




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