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  1. I'm attempting to remove the interior of my "70" for a color change and to freshen up a dingy interior. A while back I ask a couple question concerning this project and I received some good advice, so here goes another question.

    How do I remove the rear quarter moulding? It looks as thou the vinyl goes under the chrome trim of the rear quarter window and the rear window rubber seal. I have remove all the screws but can't see what's holding it from coming off.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. Cowboy91 I would say your seats are not stock. My '70' was built shortly after yours, mine is RQB 1553. My Avanti came with the stock seats that are called "command center" seats. The pleats on the command center seats run vertically while yours run horizontal. Also I don't think the command center seats had tilt. Believe me you do not want the command center seats, they are the most uncomfortable car seat I have ever sat in. I yanked those out and replaced them with seats from a "97" Camaro. Many Avanti II owners have replaced the front seats in their cars. To most Avanti II owners originality is not a big deal, not like the Studebaker Avanti of 63 and 64. Most of us are thrilled to have an Avanti and do whatever we want to make them our cars, including changing the front seats. I say have your seats rebuilt, put them back in your Avanti and enjoy your car.


  3. Hi fellow Avanti owners. I am going to have the interior of my "70" recovered in vinyl to make a color change. I will disassemble the interior, haul to the upholstery shop and then reassemble once all the parts are covered.

    My question concerns the removal of the dash pad and the rear shelf, How is this done? I have the shop manual, it explains how to remove the entire dash and there are many steps. Is it possible to just remove the pad its self? Is it screwed down or glued down?

    Also I cannot find any instruction on removal of the rear shelf.

    Any info on these two projects will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  4. Gunslinger I looked at the Procar seats on the Summit website and the Elite lumbar is a good looking seat and looks comfortable. For $370 a seat with the slider, like you said, is not a bad price. I will need to talk to Summit to see if they sell a bracket to fit my Avanti and if they don't I'll check with Wedge. My first choice is still Recaro, but plan "B" is not a bad deal. A restriction on opening the console is not a big deal to me either. I ordered some parts from Jon Myer last week and at that time I ask about Recaros, he said he didn't any but to check with him from time to time. Tomorrow I will call some vendors and ask about seats. Also I call Recaro about sliders. Thanks again for the info.


  5. Thanks Gunslinger, I was hoping you would reply to my questions. I saw the pics for your awesome seats and knew I needed to talk to you. I have also seen a video

    of, I think, you and your "70" demonstrating the sound of your mufflers. Thanks for all the info on places to search and where to find sliders and mounting brackets.

    I will check out Procar seats, but I can honestly say I have never sat in a more comfortable or good looking seat than the Recaro. I will be patient and I'm mental set for a long search if necessary. When I find a set, and say they are in decent shape, what would they be worth? I know they would be worth whatever I am willing to pay. But what would be a fair asking price.


  6. I am a new Avanti II owner and a new AOAI club member. I bought a 1970 at the end of last summer and I have put a couple thousand

    miles of enjoyable driving on it. One problem is the command center seats are a pain in the back, literally. I see by reading on our forum

    I'm not the only one of us that feels this way. I also see that several of you have changed to Recaro seats. I met a man at a car show last

    week that has an 1982 with Recaro seats, he let me sat in his car and I don't believe I have ever sat in a more comfortable seat. So my search for a pair of Recaros begins. Will any Avanti II Recaro seats fit in my "70"? Were there different models of Recaros used in our Avantis? Would they be a direct bolt in? Anything I should be aware of while looking for seats? I have done some searching and haven't

    found any. Any suggesting where I should look? I would appreciate any help you guys could give me. Thanks in advance.


  7. I bought my first Avanti last june from a good friend in our Stude club. It's a 1970 350 bored .030 over with roller rockers and roller lifters. it's pushing 325 HP, with

    a trbo 350 tranny and 3:31 rear gears. It also has 75 series tires. Drove it to Branson Mo. for an orphan car show a couple months after purchase, an 800 mile

    round trip. With the A/C running in the afternoons the car averaged 15.5 for the entire trip, including driving around in Branson. I didn't think that was to bad for the

    drive train I'm running. I was going to put a 700R4 in it but the engine and transmission were both rebuilt 8K miles ago, so I think I'll just sit tight.

  8. Hi I'm Jim and a newbe to this forum. I recently purchased my first Avanti II, a 1970, 350/300, AT. I am very happy with this Avanti (I could have have used the word "car" but I love saying and typing Avanti). I want to change the mufflers to Flowmasters 40 series. The present mufflers are new and put on with U clamps, but I don't like the sound. Have any of you guys put Flowmaster 40 series on your Avanti's. Also with the U clamps I plan to change these out myself. Thanks for your help.

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