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  1. Hi Avanti83 Thanks for your input.I recall your post several years ago when you did your convert to mustang wheels.However I have not been able to pull it up on my computer now.Would it be possible to repost now for myself and other interested members.Thank you and Happy new yaer.Robert Suren
  2. Nice job Desert Rider.Thanks for your input. Robert Suren
  3. thanks for your help.Best regards.Maybe we can meet next year in Fl, Regards Bob
  4. thanks for the info on 63=64 wheels.I guess I'll go another way. Bob
  5. Hi I have a 71 Avanti 11 which I converted to Turner brakes a number of years ago.I believe I used mustang calipers & chevy s10 4x4 rotors.I have Cragar 30 spoke 15x6 inch wheels now.Is there any reason that I should not consider returning to Avanti 63-64 wheels? If not, is there a better idea for a 15" steel wheel?Thanks in advance for your help. Bob Suren
  6. Hi Anyone out there have 3 or 4 Avanti steel wheels they wish to sell.Want to go back to factory wheel hubcap look.Will pay reasonable price.Thanks Merry Chrismas & Happy new year Bob Suren (772)924-1894
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