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Avanti brake Job!

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I just finished replacing front brake pads on my '85 Avanti (RQB4234).....After removing the old pads, I noticed an unworn portion at the very top of them..(a portion of the pad not contacting brake rotor)

This AvantiĀ  has the 'Blake' disc brake setup, which was basically mid 80's Camaro rotors and calipers....The calipers are supported by a special factory bracket, produced 'in house' at Avanti, that properly (?) adapted the Camaro brake calipers to the Studebaker spindle.

The issue I'm seeing on this Avanti is that the pads are located slightly too high, and a small area (about 1/8") of the pads does not contact the rotor at all but instead rides up over it!:o

I would bet that on a Camaro this disc/caliper combination would align perfectly and make full use of the brake pads.

I wondered if any other owners of '84-'85 Avantis have experienced this unusual front brake pad wear on their cars?:huh:

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