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Hood Insulation Pad

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I decided to replace the dirty and ragged fiberglass hood pad on R4541. I called around for a new one and found it at two vendors. However, two other well known and respected suppliers recommended not replacing it as the new one will look like the old one in short order. One said he does not put pads in his cars. This got me to thinking about not replacing it but the old one was most unattractive. I decided to use a different material than the normal fiberglass batting. From a previous project I had a ruminant of some Mylar faced insulating material, the kind used to wrap water heaters. It worked well in the previous car, and I had just enough to do the Avanti. I was able to get the old pad off in one piece and use it as a pattern. I am pleased with the results, it is much better looking, and will be easy to clean. It will provide some insulation and sound deadening. Not authentic, but a good solution to my situation.

The photo file size here is very small and so I chose to posted higher resolution photos on the SDC website in the Technical section under the Hood Pad topic as a reply in that discussion.


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JWL,  I'm new here and just saw your post about the hood insulation pad.  My car doesn't have one, but the underside of the hood is covered with old glue so I have to do something.  Can you send me a photo of yours?  Thanks

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