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Deciphering the Mustang based Body Serial #

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post-10925-0-53503600-1407531593_thumb.jpgI am new to this forum, although have been a Studebaker Avanti owner for many years. I have recently purchased a 2007 Mustang based Avanti convertible. I am curious if anybody knows how to decipher the Avanti Body Serial numbers. The vehicles ID on the car is defined as a 2007 Avanti Convertible with a Body Serial # of 1A9HTA5H972634019 and states it was built in Nov. of 2006 from a Mustang built in Aug. of 2006. I have noticed that two others Mustang based Avanti’s on the Avanti register (http://www.theavanti.net/registry01.html) show their body Serial # and both of them end in 40XX. One ends in 4013 and another in 4014. As mine is 4019 this makes me wonder if the last two digits of this body number represent the number as it came off the production floor.

Anybody out there know if this is true? If it is, It would be great to compare numbers and see if we can truly "count" the number of cars built as there is currently an estimation of 38 Mustang based Avanti's that left the factory.


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