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Running upon a problem with my brakes, I need to change the master cylinder and the mastervac next to it.  Due to a leak of air, the pin doesn't go back and there is fluid leakage also.  I have noticed that Studebaker International is selling new master cylinder and what they call "power brake booster".  Is these are the 2 items are the ones I have to change?

And are they compatible with the ones I have in my Avanti 2 year 1981?  In 1981 what did they use AMC, GM??

Thank you for your advice

Best regards



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Sounds like your master cylinder (M/C) has been leaking into the booster; brake fluid is incompatible with the booster diaphragm and will damage it. I use silicone brake fluid to avoid this sort of issue.

If the M/C bore is not corroded you may be able to buy a kit to replace the seals, but chances are the bore is corroded and the cost of a new M/C is reasonable.

Studebaker International lists the M/C at $96.50 + shipping & tax

I think the closest replacement for the M/C is a Napa NMC-P1955 ($92 new, or $50 remanufactured + your old core) but you may have to use a  pipe-thread adapter for the (rear brake) line coming off the front port. I did that on a 1980 Avanti.

The booster can be rebuilt: http://boosterdeweyexchange.com/  I recommend them. They may also be able to rebuild your old Master cylinder

   or there are other rebuilders for master cylinders, for example:




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Thank you WayneC

I went to their pages on internet at boosterdeweyexchange.com and I will follow your advice 

keep you informed of the progress

best regards 


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