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  1. using a 50/50 mix of atf and acetone will work much better than any commercially available solution that i ever used, based on over 65 years of being a professional mechanic.
  2. www.turnerbrake.com everything you need and it works great!
  3. bob, that is the correct choice as i indicated when we spoke. never did get to my shop to measure before you posted this. best to you.
  4. arkus

    Metric Avanti!

    then it has to be #3-280. that translates to about 174 in mph. i initially used the standard 160 mph to obtain my first answer. apparently the designers weren't thinking a linear translation.
  5. i was aware that laps had previously been allowed at other meets. point of contention is that ownership has changed and penske may have a different (legal?) view than before.
  6. has a decision been made as to whether or not we will be able to drive our cars around the track? a few years ago i got to drive a collector car, carefully, around daytona speedway. it was quite special; would love the chance at indy.
  7. this module thing is quite confusing. if you go to rock auto (yes, i know you can't believe it all ) they list 10 choices for my '83 305. 8 are 4 pin, 2 are 7 pin. from pics they don't appear to be interchangeable. until now i was under the apparent misconception that gm modules of that era were all the same. i also checked for my '80 350. they list the same 4 pins but not any 7 pin. can't head for the garage to count pins, we just got 33 inches, but sure am curious. can anyone put a fine line on this ?
  8. i question whether or not a library would want to dedicate space for something like this of probable limited interest to the general public. now a person perhaps just getting started with an avanti would gain a massive amount of useful information. been wrong many times before, but that is my take.
  9. 50% each atf and acetone is a terrific penetrator. once mixed it has to be kept tightly sealed or the acetone will evaporate. it has to be well shaken before each use also. in my experience, better than any commercially available alternative.
  10. looking forward to that one gary, i live 10 miles away. let's hope covid vacs come thru!
  11. i've dug around in a few nasty car finds over the last 70 odd years, but nothing quite like what you're experiencing. curious as to what intrigued you about these two; cheap, given to you, long in the family, stubbborn, masochist, the challenge? would restoration be the goal? surely none of my business but your dedication sure is interesting!
  12. 230 issues dating back to the 60's. newsletters, quarterlies, avanti arrow, avanti topics, due cento, will not separate, must take all. located in vermont. probably too costly to ship, even at book rates. just looking for a reasonable offer, downsizing everything! call evenings, 802-492-3440 for list description.
  13. gary, was that dealership in claremont? the building is now a "flaps"
  14. i know he had a dealership, perhaps ford, in claremont, nh, i believe in the 70's
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