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  1. arkus

    Avanti R4141!

    original owner was bob morrison, president of mfg.
  2. arkus

    Avanti Confusion!

    i'd say '83 when blake dropped the "ll" from the company name.
  3. arkus

    Avanti RQA-0042!

    the box was empty when i acquired the car! it was as you described it, but quite rough. i knew tommy in the '80s but he never drove this car to vermont that i'm aware of. any time he stopped at my store he was always in a studebaker avanti. sorry, but i have no pics. bob's website has a couple.
  4. arkus

    Avanti RQA-0042!

    i owned this car for a period, 5 years ago, purchased from irv borookow from connecticut. he had two, just 4 or 5 numbers apart and had sold the other one by this time. i didn't notice anything "special" about it. it had mild body modifications, the paint was terrible and it needed much help. in my opinion, and i have owned to this date 15 avantis, a restoration would have put one totally underwater. did i totally blow it and sold this car instead of keeping it and restoring same? please tell me what you know and i missed, ed. thanks
  5. i bought my first avanti, (r-5317) in april of 1977. still have it. it was always parked beside our general store in vermont. tommy was a salesman and called on the local creamery in our town. as soon as he first saw my car he came in, introduced himself, and never failed to stop and chat on subsequent visits here. as best i remember he always came in an avanti. a real nice guy and a great ambassador for the avanti !
  6. arkus

    new calendars

    just received new calendars. i ordered two and received them in two separate manila envelopes. each cost $2.20 for postage, not to mention duplicate envelopes, mailing address tapes, avanti magazine stickers and the efforts to fill and post the envelopes. am i being too frugal here, or might the club's time and resources be better served? the calendars are spectacular !!!
  7. dave t-bow sells them, 978-897-3158
  8. arkus

    Rear Bumper

    i'll check the one i have tomorrow as to overall condition and report tomorrow nite.
  9. arkus

    Rear Bumper

    holes for the ugly rubber bumpers or not?
  10. i was chasing a '91 convertible earlier last year and the collective opinions i gathered were that there were from 12 to 15 total. for what it's worth, (probably not much!). i stopped when the best price i could find on a new top was going to run me 8k to 10k depending on circumstances unknown.
  11. dan booth, nostalgia motors
  12. 😃before i order new blower hoses for my '63 and receive hoses stiffer than a 4' cast iron plumbing fixture does anyone here know for sure if there are any "reproduction" nos appearing ones available that are also pliable? thanks, george perry
  13. arkus

    seat covers

    the recaro front seats of my '83 need to be redone. i found a site that has the covers but they state specifically for 1980. is there any way to acertain if there were differences from '80 thru '83? at $299.00 a set that's around a grand less than i have been quoted to have them custom made! thanks for any help.
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