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  1. got a 2nd wind and did some research. according to the tech at summit, they carry 4 american made distributor manufacturers, fast, pertronix, davis and edlebrock. many choices!
  2. what might our choices be for an american made for my '80 ll. i could probably figure it out, BUT, i just spent 7 hours replacing the 4 p.s. hoses and i'm VERY tired of anything avanti right now! thanks for the help.
  3. arkus

    engine belts

    thanks for the info. getting one to fit is not a problem; what i'd like to purchase, if possible, is AMERICAN made. will pursue the gates industrial tip for replacing all the belts. should be a major pita as i'm going to replace all the p.s. hoses while i'm at it. planning on driving this one to nationals at indy next september, (hopefully covid is over by then).
  4. arkus

    engine belts

    just back from my "i.d.y.s.d". got to a cars and coffee and while backing into a spot, blew one of the power steering hoses. 40 miles from my garage so i cut the two belts running the pump and came back. have napa belts but per napa website they are nla. question is can an american made belt be found? '80 avanti ll, 350. plenty of belts available on the net but no info as to origin.
  5. arkus

    Avanti R5361!

    production order for an automatic, built as a 4-speed
  6. wasn't there last night, had only one left, (maybe a sales pitch), bought it. thank you!
  7. unfortunately that car and many others crosses to the dorman #80195, which for some reason has become nla from every source i tried.
  8. is there a readily available replacement ? looks like a dorman #80195 would maybe work but NO-ONE has them. the gm cars and chrysler cars used a filter; and a number of varieties are listed but have no clue as to differences between and how much difference it would make, one to the other. it appears to be a simple "particle" filter. any opinions appreciated.
  9. arkus

    Avanti Roof!

    i don't really know for sure, but i hope not!
  10. arkus

    Egbert Ouster!

    careful ed, dangerous ground. (but i like it)
  11. thanks, after viewing the #2732 i decided to make my own, thinking i'd rather have the 4 holes than an open plenum. probably no difference, i just like the idea. there has to be a reason why both styles are made available.
  12. after more research i found what i think you were using; edlebrock #2732 adapter. my only concern is that edlebrock expressly says it is used for edlebrock intakes. not ANY spread bore intake, but edlebrock. wonder why they were specific?
  13. ed, exactly where did you get the 1/16th inch square to spread bore aluminum adapter mentioned in your 10:11 am tuesday post and/or what brand? thanks
  14. i have wire wheels on my '80. my production order lists wire wheels. avanti price list for 1980 lists wire wheels (5) at a cost of $1450.00. question is what company made them? there is no company identification that i could find anywhere on the rim. $290.00 apiece 40 years ago seems like a lot of money. ideas and/or opinions welcome.
  15. just took a close look at my '80 with the 350. air cleaner has made a quite serious indentation in the hood insulation. this is a bone stock 50k car. my fear is that an edlebrock carb together with the required adapter, (about .80 inch) might be too tall. this assumes the stock carb and the edlebrock are of very similar heights. might gain something with a different air cleaner, but would like to maintain stock appearance. can anyone out there with real life experience comment? thanks
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