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  1. arkus

    new calendars

    just received new calendars. i ordered two and received them in two separate manila envelopes. each cost $2.20 for postage, not to mention duplicate envelopes, mailing address tapes, avanti magazine stickers and the efforts to fill and post the envelopes. am i being too frugal here, or might the club's time and resources be better served? the calendars are spectacular !!!
  2. dave t-bow sells them, 978-897-3158
  3. arkus

    Rear Bumper

    i'll check the one i have tomorrow as to overall condition and report tomorrow nite.
  4. arkus

    Rear Bumper

    holes for the ugly rubber bumpers or not?
  5. i was chasing a '91 convertible earlier last year and the collective opinions i gathered were that there were from 12 to 15 total. for what it's worth, (probably not much!). i stopped when the best price i could find on a new top was going to run me 8k to 10k depending on circumstances unknown.
  6. dan booth, nostalgia motors
  7. 😃before i order new blower hoses for my '63 and receive hoses stiffer than a 4' cast iron plumbing fixture does anyone here know for sure if there are any "reproduction" nos appearing ones available that are also pliable? thanks, george perry
  8. arkus

    seat covers

    wayne, they appear to be identical. yes it was l-seat, i'll call them next week and see what i can learn. certainly appreciate your help. thanks very much!
  9. arkus

    seat covers

    the recaro front seats of my '83 need to be redone. i found a site that has the covers but they state specifically for 1980. is there any way to acertain if there were differences from '80 thru '83? at $299.00 a set that's around a grand less than i have been quoted to have them custom made! thanks for any help.
  10. arkus


    need to know if my original 305 engine in my '83 has a 153 or a 168 ring gear as i need to replace the starter. thanks for your help!
  11. arkus

    1965 ll's!

    it was titled as a '66 by the time i bought it, mind you some 50 years after assembly but i didn't get a continuous title trail with it.
  12. arkus

    1965 ll's!

    i recently sold #0050 that was built in november, 1965. i have the sheet for verification if necessary but it is stored until april.
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