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  1. JavierB

    R3 Airbox

    just want to check 'notify of replies'
  2. JavierB

    R3 Airbox

    Can anyone on this thread elaborate on the benefit of swapping out the R2 airbox for the R3 one? What does it do to performance, fuel economy, etc if everything else stays the same? I have a lead on buying a car that has this conversion and was a bit perplexed if it was even a good idea.
  3. JavierB

    R1 vs R2

    thanks for the insight, guys. that makes sense.
  4. JavierB

    R1 vs R2

    This is an ancient thread, so not sure if anyone will still be on here, but I'm curious about the performance of the R2 engine without the supercharger. I've seen a few 64's or late 63's where the supercharger was removed to install AC, and I'm wondering is this a better or worse engine than just an R1. Anyone have any thoughts? This is all as part of my enduring quest to find the right one. 🙂
  5. I am really interested in this topic as I live in Texas and am looking to get an Avanti to actually drive, so top notch AC is essential. Can someone answer a real basic question about installing aftermarket AC? I understand that none of the R2's came with factory air, and I would love to know if that is a space or design constraint from the supercharger that makes adding aftermarket AC difficult or impossible as well? I've asked this elsewhere and gotten no replies. Related to that, does the R2 engine generate more heat to begin with? Also, would folks here recommend the Vintage Air components? Or are there other brands that are better for this purpose? Any and all advice on this is welcome!
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