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    Love electric guitars cranked way up, motorcycles with aftermarket exahust and the 60's muscle cars, tall cams and great exhaust. also a wife, mom of three. I can change the oil, tires, plugs and wires, diapers, bake and decorate a cake, grill a steak and play my ibanez cranked to 11 :D

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  1. Hi! Tha ks so much for replying, when is a good time to call you?
  2. My dad and i pulled the tank today since we had a gas leak, strong fumes in the cabin and a fuel filter full of rust. This car sat too long before we got it, plus the tank hasn't been filled all the way for years because of the leak, leaving too many opportunities for condensation. Also, booooo ethanol. The filler neck hose was badly deteriorated and the fuel line fitting on the tank was leaking. The sending unit is trash. The anti-burp baffle is corroded. Someone was in there recently and replaced the fuel return hose. They were kind enough to use body sealer to put the fiberglass panel back on lol...ugh...and many of those screws were stripped. They did not even put the nuts back on to secure the back of the seat! Just wanted to post the pix in case they help anyone else. My poor gas tank! Can you believe that pile of rust from the filter? Yikes.
  3. Misread your post, making an edit here cuz i don't see a delete button
  4. Dayla

    Seat belts

    Oh my gosh, more color options too! Thanks for that link
  5. Dayla

    Seat belts

    Thanks so much!! You guys in this forum are great!
  6. Dayla

    Seat belts

    Hello, i am looking to replace the front seat belts on our 1983 avanti with a red interior. They no longer retract well. I found some for $90 each for a 73-87 chevy truck, wondering if anyone else has replaced them and used those or is there a a better option?
  7. Thanks for posting, i have a feeling i will use the info soon
  8. Awesome! I have noticed people do run up on me as I'm braking, i figured everyone is so used to the third light that that is all they look for. Thanks for posting!
  9. i cannot yet click on your picture of it, they need to approve my profile. i finally found you on there.
  10. Thank you! Much appreciated!
  11. Thanks! I will check it out
  12. Thank you for the info!!
  13. Thank you very much for that reply! Yeah, my dad wasn't thrilled to hear it was an electronic carb lol, but he is up for a challenge. (Fortunately, my neighbor knows a guy that does these) I already know i need a carb rebuild kit, accelerator pump isn't working. And someone messed with it already and broke part of a housing on it. Ugh
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