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    Love electric guitars cranked way up, motorcycles with aftermarket exahust and the 60's muscle cars, tall cams and great exhaust. also a wife, mom of three. I can change the oil, tires, plugs and wires, diapers, bake and decorate a cake, grill a steak and play my ibanez cranked to 11 :D

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  1. 1983 with a 305, original paperwork told me use DOT 5. Bought it, added about 1/4 cup only to read on the master cylinder to use DOT 3! What?! (The cap was rusty enough to be nearly unreadable til i took some flitz to it.) So does anyone know if that master cylinder is original? think someone replaced it with the wrong one? or the paperwork is wrong? Not cool. That was AFTER spending way too much on new brakes too 😳😰
  2. Hello, anyone know the proper fuel sending replacement or have n.o.s. for a 1983 with a 305? (And a gasket) We tried to test it for ohms, unit is electrically open...can't test. And while i have you here, i am in need of a fuel filler neck hose, pinion seal and shift lever button, and taillights with good reflective material still in tact. Thanks for your time!
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