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  1. What year is that 69 Caprice part # good thru? I have a 77. Thx. Steve
  2. Thanks for the replies...I'll fiddle with the end of the cable that enters the cruise control. I checked the end entering the gauge and that appears seated properly. Thanks again! Steve
  3. Hi All, I disconnected my speedometer cable so I could remove the gauge cluster to replace burnt out bulbs....what a PITA!!! Not a whole lot of room to manuever but I got all of them. Anyway upon reinstalling cable the speedometer/odometer both aren't functioning. Its not the gauge as I can manually spin it & both work. I disconnected & reconnected several times...nothing. Car does have cruise control & it worked prior to all of this. Any thoughts? Thanks!! Steve
  4. Any recommendations for a good, quality indoor/outdoor car cover for a 77 coupe? Thanks! Steve
  5. I have an Avanti registered in AZ that we brought in from Illinois. If you have collector insurance you do not need an emission test. The RQB serial # was also not an issue & we received a title on the spot.
  6. Hi All, Does anyone (Vintage Air) or another company sell a complete A/C kit for a 77 Avanti? Do I have to create my own buying the individual parts (compressor, evaporator, hoses, etc)? Is there another vehicle that interchanges?
  7. I've seen #'s listed some places as 200 total, 44 convertible. Did you get your #'s from John Hull's data?
  8. Hi All, Does anyone have definitive production numbers? I've seen inconsistent "facts" posted on various sites. Thanks! Steve
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