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  1. What year is that 69 Caprice part # good thru? I have a 77. Thx. Steve
  2. Thanks for the replies...I'll fiddle with the end of the cable that enters the cruise control. I checked the end entering the gauge and that appears seated properly. Thanks again! Steve
  3. Hi All, I disconnected my speedometer cable so I could remove the gauge cluster to replace burnt out bulbs....what a PITA!!! Not a whole lot of room to manuever but I got all of them. Anyway upon reinstalling cable the speedometer/odometer both aren't functioning. Its not the gauge as I can manually spin it & both work. I disconnected & reconnected several times...nothing. Car does have cruise control & it worked prior to all of this. Any thoughts? Thanks!! Steve
  4. Any recommendations for a good, quality indoor/outdoor car cover for a 77 coupe? Thanks! Steve
  5. I have an Avanti registered in AZ that we brought in from Illinois. If you have collector insurance you do not need an emission test. The RQB serial # was also not an issue & we received a title on the spot.
  6. Hi All, Does anyone (Vintage Air) or another company sell a complete A/C kit for a 77 Avanti? Do I have to create my own buying the individual parts (compressor, evaporator, hoses, etc)? Is there another vehicle that interchanges?
  7. Hi All, Does anyone have definitive production numbers? I've seen inconsistent "facts" posted on various sites. Thanks! Steve
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