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  1. Back to the transducer / speed sensor or whatever it is, here are some pictures. I am not sure if this is a part just on the 82 with the electronic carb or cruise control or what. Help guys, any ideas.
  2. Hell folks, I have another difficult problem that I need your help on. On the side of the Automatic OD transmission there is a "device" that installs into the transmission and the speedometer cable and a couple wires connect to it. I thought initially that it was a cruise control sensor but have been advised that it is a "Speed Sensor" that connects to the computer. I was told that these were specifically made for Avanti and are hard to come by. Mine is leaking transmission fluid and supposedly that is a symptom for failure in the near future throwing a check engine light. The cost of these is
  3. I think mine is a Dana but will check. I do not see reference to a part for this that plugs into the side of the transmission that the speedometer cable connects to and has wires coming off. Maybe what I have on the transmission is not related to the Cruise Control. Any ideas anyone?
  4. Does anyone have a Delco part number for the water pump on an 82 Avanti 305? I also am needing a cruise control "transducer" that is on the side of the overdrive transmission? These would be of great assistance. Thanks, Stuart Boblett
  5. Thank you Jim, this is really a help. I am going to give these a try. I appreciate the offer, I do have the original maintenance manual but appreciate your offer.
  6. Thank you Jim, you may have saved me the expense and disappointment if this did not solve the problem. Mine has much more play then a friend's 77 so I had his mechanic take a look at it and this was his diagnosis. I may compare his play to mine in the same configuration to confirm. I had it aligned by a local shop and asked them about the play and they said it was ok but I am not convinced. It may be hard these days to find someone who is familiar with the old center bellcrank and kingpin systems. Thanks and stay safe, hopefully I may run into you sometime at a show, I am in Roanoke.
  7. Does anyone have a cross reference and a supplier for the power steering control valve for and 82 and earlier Avanti? Mine has too much play that transfers over to the steering. I hope everyone is doing well in this huge crisis we are all going through. I am social distancing by working on my Avanti alone which sure beats just sitting around watchin TV or reading. Thanks.
  8. This is the identical part to the one in my 82 also.
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