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  1. Can someone suggest where to get carpet or cocoa floor mats for my 82 Avanti II? I ordered a set from one distributor but they were too large and did not have a slot for the floor mounted gas pedal. They did refund my purchase price when I sent a picture.
  2. Where do I find the paint code on my 1982 Avanti? Thanks
  3. I recently acquired an 82 Avanti II and the previous owner had the front brakes upgraded but does not remember what he put on it or if it a turner kit. It has the Magnum 500 wheels that rub the calipers without a 1/4" spacer. With a spacer the amount of threads available for the lug nuts is too small to be safe, about 1/4". The lug studs are 1/2-50 1.625 long with a .650 knurl (Dorman 610-132) but I have been unable to find these any longer. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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