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    Avanti R5465!

    Just looked on Bob's Resource site, and it says R5465 was a stock R2 in 2011, and there was a picture of a stock-looking R2 engine. Has the engine been changed since 2011? Or am I missing something again? If the engine was changed, my wild guess, based on bass-ackwards reverse psychology, is )4 Chrysler 383.
  2. VtMike

    R1 Powered!

    I put the question marks there because I couldn't understand the question. But I now realize that the reason I couldn't understand the question is because I wasn't reading it closely enough. My bad.
  3. Well, it seems obvious that # 3 would have been a very early change, but I sense that answer is too obvious . . . so will take a really wild guess and say #1.
  4. VtMike

    R 4501

    Based on Facebook exchanges, it looks like R 4501 is the same Avanti that Owen Delve's uncle once owned. I guess it is possible it was totaled and then rebuilt, but there is nothing confirming that so far . . .
  5. VtMike

    R 4501

    It appears there are two conflicting claims about Avanti R 4501. On Bob Johnstone's Avanti page, Owen Delve of Goderich, Ontario, claims R 4501 was owned by his Uncle John, that the Hamilton, Ontario Stude operation (plant?) did a factory authorized engine swap to replace the original R2 with an R3, and that R 4501 was later totaled. Here is the link: https://studebaker-info.org/AVDB1/R4000/63R4501/r4501x12082016.txt On the other hand, just yesterday, Tony Moro posted pictures on the Avanti Facebook of a beautiful gray Avanti that he says is R 4501, very much alive and well, and sp
  6. VtMike

    R1 vs R2

    I have run across some claims (not related to Studebaker engines) that you can increase the compression by replacing the head gaskets with super thin ones. I was wondering if you could raise the compression by doing that on an R2 without the supercharger to give it a little more go? If not, what about having a machine shop take a little off the heads to do the same? Would either make enough of a performance difference to make this a practical idea?
  7. VtMike

    Avanti Gauge!

    of the supercharger?
  8. Factory Air and Supercharged??? Say it isn't so . . .
  9. For some time, I have been dreaming about getting an Avanti and upgrading its engine to an R3 clone. Not to build a race car . . . just looking for something that would knock my socks off once in awhile, but still be OK for normal driving. But the lack of available R3 heads and/or expense of building such an engine may be an unrealistic pipe dream. So I am wondering how far I could get by upgrading an R2 without totally breaking the bank? Bore to 299 or 304 cu in? Port and polish the heads? Increase intake valve size as much as those heads allow? Heavy duty valve springs? Re
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