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  1. Fuel gauge did not register. Electrical checking pointed to a bad tank sender. Float was ok, so I put the sender in an ultrasonic cleaner. After a very hot water washing out, and a blow dry with compressed air, the sender worked fine. Obvious crud came off in the ultrasonic.
  2. Can you describe the "hats" a bit more ?
  3. John, thank you. I'll look where you say. I know I have a single reservoir Master Cylinder. I suspect it is not the original one. I do have all of the publications you mention and all others I have seen available. Sometimes applying them to the terms familiar to many mechanics is a bit difficult, but I am learning from all of you. Thanks, to all. Daryl
  4. Thanks to you all. The Brake light switch is located where ? Wish I knew all there is to know, ——-maybe my second Avanti will be easier when I get it.
  5. Well, I guess I cannot tell. Aren't the tail and stop [brake] lights using the same bulb and red lense ?
  6. I went to the garage to work on my 1963/64 Avanti R1 and noticed the tail lights [red] were on. The battery was on a trickle charger so the day or two spent with the tail lights on did not run the battery down. I checked the above windshield light switches and all were off. Headlights were off. Key was out of the ignition. I pressed on the brake pedal a few times, but the tail lights remained on. Any thoughts on what to check to get the tail lights off and operating properly ?
  7. Is this helpful ? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=ignition+switch+bezel+avanti&_sacat=0
  8. Gunslinger and all, I answered my own question on the LEDs. I don't have experience with this website's products, but their website is quite useful. Just plug in your car year, maker, and model and they give you the original bulbs , quantities, and replacement LEDs for your car. You can also pick hues and colors the way it looks to me. I have no idea about their price competitiveness. https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/
  9. Gunslinger, thanks . The bezel does come off fairly easily on the ceiling lights. On one light I found a missing bulb, and the other on the passenger side had a bulb. On the passenger side, with a bulb, a few flicks of the switch produced a light. The bulb in the now working light is a GE 1004. Do you have a number for a replacement LED bulb ? That seems prudent since the GE 1004 got quickly hot. Thanks for your help. Daryl
  10. My rear ceiling lights in my 1963 made R1 do not operate with their individual switches. 1] When should the light switches operate the ceiling lights. Does the ignition have to be on ? Doors open ? Or ?? 2] Of course, my problem could be bulbs, or the switches themselves. How does one remove the lenses to get at the interior of the light ? Also, how is the bezel removed ? Is it just pulled or pried off ? Thanks to all who contribute here. Weather if finally good enough to work on these things. Daryl
  11. Does anyone know the story behind either of these Prototypes ? https://www.proxibid.com/asp/SearchAdvanced_i.asp?searchTerm=studebaker+avanti+prototype&category=all categories&timestamp=1590239839907#searchid=0&type=lot&search=studebaker+avanti+prototype&sort=relevance&view=gallery&length=25&refine=&start=1
  12. This is not my discovery, as I saw it somewhere else for tightening the inside mirror. I cut two small pieces of fairly fine sandpaper that could fit into the ball joint of the mirror stem. I glued the sandpaper smooth side to smooth side with a drop of super glue. Then inserted the sandpaper into the ball joint and tightened as usual . The set up gave enough friction to hold the mirror in place.
  13. Love it. About like mine. Just need someone to sing.
  14. Not sure what a cross wind deflector is, but I want one of those Andrews cars. Thanks, Daryl
  15. That's really some valuable , interesting memorabilia . Thanks for posting.
  16. Thanks to all. I have printed off the posted charts and diagrams as well as some more information sent via message. These forums can be great. Daryl
  17. Thanks, all. This has been fun in sort of a cryptic way. I'll think on getting down on my back and wriggling and wriggling. Maybe my son will come by to help some day. I was 20 when a friend and I went to the closest Studebaker dealership in a neighboring town in Iowa. The 1963s were out and one was on the lot. It must have been an R2 as the speedometer went to 160. The young salesman was eager to take us for a ride, so we got in. Those Iowa roads were narrow and very hilly but the salesman seemed to want to show off. When the needle got to 130 I was ready to get out, although
  18. Thank you gentlemen. I understand, now, why I did not see the panel when trying to find it. Oh, it's so hard for an old guy to get that low, in that position. Then getting back to one's feet is maybe harder.
  19. Can you tell me exactly where to find the fuse panel or fuse block in my 1963 R1 ? Thanks, Daryl
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