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  1. Thank you Avanti83 for sharing your installation pictures! It gives me a good place to start.
  2. Hi All, Recently acquired RQB3144 and need to do something with the stereo. Previous owner had installed a single DIN size head unit and put 4 box type speakers in the car (2 mounted on the floor in each front footwell and 2 mounted on the rear deck lid). I have to remove the speakers for sure and replace with something less aesthetically appalling. I kind of figure while I’m at it, I should upgrade the head unit as well. I was curious if anyone had install details they would like to share. I am particularly interested if anyone has installed a double DIN unit as the space would seem to be quite a challenge. Thanks in advance!
  3. Chuck, Thank you for your help in this transaction! I am excited to be the new owner of this Avanti and am looking forward to delivery. Kyle
  4. Have you set a price? Can you please add pictures of the undercarriage? Thank you.
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