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  1. Looks like the bracket has one tab that sticks up & attaches to one bumper bolt. Appears to be a spacer that sets it back a little from the bumper also. Looks like an O.E. grade bracket, not a thin aftermarket one. Mike Sal
  2. The front plate on our '70 is offset to the passenger side. I'll see if I can take a look at what the bracket looks like. The car was sold new to someone in Ohio....not sure if they had 2 plates or not. Mike Sal
  3. I recently swapped aluminum intake & water pump onto our '70....intake went from 39 lbs to 15 lbs. Forgot to weigh the water pump, but was lighter for sure. Mike Sal
  4. Anyone have any step by step tips for converting my stock 70 over to the 200r4? I picked up a rebuilt tranny Friday & want to start gathering up the bits & pieces prior to pulling the old tranny out. What did your new rear cross member look like? What rear mount did you use? How much does the drive shaft have to be shortened? What kind of bracket did you use to mount the cable near the carburator?.....questions, questions. Mike Sal
  5. FYI, I found out that you can attach the exhaust manifold to the header pipe and fish the sub-assembly down thru the top to avoid having to reach up from the bottom to get the flange lined up & nuts onto the studs. I left the nuts a little loose to leave some wiggle room & if you hold your mouth right, it will slip down thru there with the sparkplugs & heat shields in place.
  6. You can still see some of the red shag that I didn't have pulled out yet along with that steering wheel wrap. My wheel only has one tiny crack in it.
  7. Dan Booth told me Altman's loved to spec the colors themselves & had a very odd sense of taste in colors. My carpet is in perfect condition (the last owner kept it covered up with shag carpet) so I just have to leave it alone. Yes on the Monterre green.
  8. I goofed around & didn't get it painted over the winter & now the guy is 6 months behind....maybe this winter. Built September '69 but not sold until '72 to a returning vietnam vet who only kept it a couple years before selling it to a college teacher of mine. I bought it from him 3 years ago.
  9. I just noticed your serial number......mine is RQA0330. Mike Sal
  10. Agree, those two rear bolts were a pain due to the steering box. To compound it, the previous muffler shop had rounded off one of the center manifold bolts. I had to cut the head off & work the manifold off enough to saw off the bolt shank to remove the manifold. There was enough stud left to grab with vice grips to get it out of the head. All new bolts waiting for the re-assembly. I figured it was also a good time to replace the spark plugs too. getting to the tension position bolts on the power steering pump will be fun too....
  11. OK, it just looked like there was limited room to swing the wrench to tighten it up. I have the new studs & long brass nuts all ready to go as soon as the new pipes arrive. I took the manifold off the engine to clean up the threads for the studs. The last muffler shop really screwed the former owner of the car with the cobble mess they made. Mike Sal
  12. What type of wrench did you use to tighten that inboard nut on the manifold? I'm waiting on my pipes to arrive from Don now (stock size). The last muffler shop cheated & used smaller nuts & bolts instead of the studs & I had to torch them off to get it apart. Mike Sal
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