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  1. Hi Everyone. I just purchased my first Avanti, a low mile, 1989 convertible, 12AAV2223K1000534. The car is in excellent mechanical condition but can use a little attention to a few cosmetic details to return it to the condition it deserves. I have spent hours reading posts in this forum and learned an great deal but I still have a number of questions. I would greatly appreciate any additional help and guidance I could receive. My questions are: I would like to have the face of the speedometer restored. Can the speedometer be removed without removing the entire dash? If so how? I've read a number of posts concerning replacement of the rubber window sweepes. Some members have recommended the use of part # YMR256X from Restoration Specialties but I haven't seen any posts that refer to how they actually worked. Does anyone have comments concerning how part #YMR256X worked and how closely it actually matched the original? Does anyone know of a source for the power antenna assembly used on the '89 Avanti? My motor runs but the antenna doesn't move. I saw a reference to a "Service Policy and Procedures Manual" for a 1989 Avanti. Does anyone have the manual and what does it contain? (e.g. Is the body included in the manual or just chassis and drive train?) Also, does anyone know a source for an Assembly Manual? Finally, does anyone have a factory original Sony XR7400 radio (circa 1989-1990) that they would like to sell? It could be working or just for parts. I do most of my own work and I'd like to gather as much information as possible before I start tearing into things. Thanks in advance for all your help. Bill
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