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  1. I'm attaching 5 photos I've pulled from online of the various tail and back-up light positions on the Kelly Villa Rica and Cancun-built Avantis. The white car is a GM Firebird based 2001 hardtop; the brochure excerpts were published in 2002, and appear to capture the transition from a second pair of tail lights mounted on the trunk lid to a single pair of tail lights mounted on the quarter panels on the Firebird based cars; the red convertible with Delaware dealer tags is a Ford SN-95 Mustang based 2005; the black convertible is a Ford D2C Mustang based 2006-7. All of the iterations
  2. Thanks all for your insight, particularly Bob Caser’s photos of his seemingly seamless engine swap of a GM small block into a ‘64 Studebaker Avanti. It would appear Thomas E. Bonsall’s account of the front end modifications to the Avanti II found in his book, “Avanti!” (Page 16) was not accurate: ”...The first of four engineering prototypes, serial number one, was fitted with a 327 block from a Chicago salvage yard. The Chevy engine was considerably lighter than the Studebaker V8 it supplanted, but, because it was slightly taller in production form, it was necessary to raise the fro
  3. It has been noted that Newman and Altman had Gene Hardig re-engineer the Avanti's front end to accept the small block GM motor and drivetrain, ostensibly to address dimensional differences between the Studebaker 289 V8 and the GM 327 V8. Related cosmetic changes included raising the "rake" of the body, and installing fiberglass inserts to the front wheel wells to address the leveling of the rake. Assuming this was a necessity to use the GM engine, I'm led to wonder if another engine could have been substituted which would not have required cosmetic changes to the original body or its stance.
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