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    I still firmly believe the two best options are Koni and Bilstein for any Studebaker or Avanti. Nothing comes remotely close IMHO. Bill
  2. I concur with Jack as it seems all too common to trash the Dunlop/Girling Disc Brake setup which was chosen as OEM for Avantis and Performance Hawks and Larks. If you may recall originally they were intended to be used to stop a Jaguar Mark 10 which is close to 1000 lbs heavier than an Avanti. I am sure that if all is rebuilt back to factory specs and no corners are cut they will perform adequately. Don't forget Jaguar raced with these at LeMans.I have used the 2 1/4" Stainless Steel pistons from Hye-Dra-Cyl Corporation http://www.hyedracyl.com/etype.html (HDC Part # 8777-14) which give an ADDITIONAL 15 % clamping force if required. These are also the same as used on early Toyota Crown full size cars although somewhat difficult to source these days Bill.
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