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  1. Well mfg....what's going to happen now...any idea?
  2. I and my wife spent the whole day with Dick at the 2015 St. Louis IM. We had lunch together and toured the brewery. He told us the story about the 1985 retrieved hi jacking episode. We talked about Avanti’s. He had such great knowledge about the Avanti. We have photos of us up in the arch in St. Louis. I kept in contact with him. The last time I talked to him, he was trying to sell his house in Florida. I know he had issues with his eyes and I think he mentioned a heart problem about a year ago I told him I would be interested in his Avanti when he was willing to sell it. So, moving forward what will happen to the 64 Avanti? If available, you can reach me at(651) 788-2961 Steve Dick was a true gentleman and I will miss our talks. RIP Richard Your friend steve
  3. Good advice!! I want to keep it as original as possible....Thanks again Rob!!
  4. FYI. There’s a $40.00 charge when you do a auction with a reserve whether you sell it or not.
  5. So Rob, have you had this problem on your Avanti? And what you’re saying is just to put up with the seeping and keep a eye on it.
  6. I see 1104-8 & 1104-5 that are" less No Rol" I just have 1104-8 with "No Rol" So...do I need "1104-5" also? Thanks for your time and advice!
  7. Thanks Rob.....but I’m not following. Is there somewhere to watch a visual on this or tell me if there’s another gasket, large flat washer and a o-ring, all of this under the cover? thanks for your help!!
  8. Asking $20,500. Did you check the website?
  9. you can see this car on this website under studebakers/ 1964 Studebaker Avanti R1 coupe https://www.cars-on-line.com/gen3-cars/col1/posting/99057
  10. Has anyone had this problem? I have replaced gaskets and cover. Kept it 1/2" below top of reservoir to no avail. Click on photo to enlarge image, sorry for the rotation. Any suggestions would be much appreciated..Thanks! Steve
  11. Does anyone know if Dick Vaux is still active with the club? He's a friend of John Hull.
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