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let us make a deal!


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There is an "ugly Avanti" on e-Bay.


item: 170115179138

I am interested in a couple of items from it, but do not have the

space to store it here in TX. Assuming that the parts, exterior and

some interior will fit the "original" 1963 Avanti, I would be

interested in sharing bidding on the "ugly Avanti".

The lead bidder probably should be close to CA.

If you are interested, please do NOT reply here, I will NOT reply


send me an e-mail and "let us make a deal.."

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I think it would be a real shame for this car to be picked apart. It seems

to have a solid body, and being from Japan it should have a good frame.

I posted my comments about this car on the SDC site :


What do you plan on stripping off this car that you could not just buy new?


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