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Cobra Brake brackets first article set from CNC


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I got the first article set of brackets from the CNC machinist last week, I

removed some material, and decided on a name/logo/position. I have

considered black anodize, but thats still in the air right now. I have to put

them on the Avanti and confirm fitment, and I can give the green light for

the CNC guy to make the remaining 10 sets. The logo will be engraved

into the leading edge flat of the bracket, which can be seen with the wheel

turned to full lock.

I will add to this thread the install of the first article set, when I get to it. I

think they came out very nice :




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Wow, Tom. ^_^^_^ The brackets look absolutely tremendous. Did you already get 10 orders for them or will some be available for sale?

Happy New Year! '06 went out with a bang for me -- a deer jumped in front of my '66 Volvo while the car was doing 50 mph. :( I'm okay but the car, and deer, didn't fare so well.





Fortunately, support is coming from the Volvo community. New grill pieces are coming from OK and a friend in Baltimore has a nose and hood for me.

Anyway, after the Volvo gets sorted out we'll probably be interested in turning attention to the Avanti again come springtime. Your brake conversion is still near the top of our list.

Best regards,

Joe M in WV

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I have 4 solid orders, the rest of the sets will go into storage. My brother wanted

one set when he gets his affairs in order. I hate to keep asking this, but its hard

to match names with email addresses, are you on my email list? Its the best way

I found to keep track of those interested, and interested in buying.

I had 5 solid orders, but my most interested person, and the one who kicked me

in the butt to make this happen, past away in recent months as I was told by his

son-in-law. I am saddened by this news.

Sorry about the Volvo, thats my big worry driving the Avanti back and forth from

my house to work (55 miles) and then home in the dark! Which is why I want to

upgrade the lighting on the car soon. Someone had mentioned the Jeep Liberty

in the past, the lights look like they might work well. Finding one wrecked with a

useable front end will be hard. Paying dealer costs isnt realistic.


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