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Need Brake Part Info


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Need Brake Part Info:

Removing the rear axle, see other post. In the process, I am taking the opportunity to check out the rest of the undercarriage.

Three Questions so far (63 Studebaker Avanti):

(I already have check all the Studebaker catalogs, paper and on-line, so reference to them is not helpful :) )

1. what is the manufacturer/manufacturer's part number for the rear drum brakes? I need this for x-ref at auto parts places. Their books do not list "Studebaker"

2. what is the part number for the nut that connects the brake line to the brake backplate? This was rounded and I "finished" the process.

3. what is the part number of the bleeder? It is missing. I found the following, is it right? <197097 Bleeder Screw>


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I am confused by your questions :

1 . I believe that Studebaker pretty much used Bendix parts, but you will not be

able to find them at your local parts house. The offset is different then anything

that would be close. They are available from some Studebaker vendors. I have

a complete rear assembly (minus the hubs) for an Avanti (from switching to the

rear disc setup I made). The drums are within spec, one has a couple turns on

it left, the other might squeeze one more out.

2. I am not sure what "nut" you mean on the brake line to backing plate. The

brake line screws directly into the wheel cylinder, and doesnt touch the backing

plate at all. Perhaps you mean the flare fitting on the line? If thats the case you

can just use flare tubing from your local Napa, they come in different lengths and

you can screw into the "T" block on the drivers side of the axle. Make sure you

inspect the rubber hose coming down from the frame, mine was worn through to

just about bursting - from rubbing on "something".

3. Is the bleeder "missing" or is it broken off?? If it was missing you would have

no rear brakes, if its broken off then it will have to be extracted (not an easy task

with years of rust). The set of brakes I mentioned above have backing plates

and wheel cylinders (need rebuild) and working bleeders. The bleeder you can

get from most parts houses, once you remove whats left of the old one.

Hope that helps.


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