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Avanti Motors moves to Cancun, Mexico


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Well, Avanti has popped up in Mexico, so we can all field questions

about Avantis being built in Canada AND Mexico now. They built a new

production facility thats a 10,000 square foot show room, and a 65,000

sq ft production building. The prototype still has my rim suggestion

though still no thank you. Just as long as its known, THEY copied me,

I didnt copy THEM! I had looked for over a decade for rims that really

complimented the Avanti design, usually when you offer help, you get a

thank you. Especially since the change really brings the car together.



Just another sign that Corporations just dont care. I shouldnt be



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Good to see signs of life from Avanti.

The move to Mexico has logic: lower labor costs, new location is closer to other Kelly investments, and Cancun would be a good venue to exhibit the car as potential buyers of Avantis are likely to visit resorts in Cancun. Still, its sad to see more skilled manufacturing jobs leaving the US.

The building looks impressive and modern in contrast to the Villa Rica facility; I guess the construction or real estate dollar (peso) goes further south of the border.

Judging by the blue car in the photos, the new car's body appears to have similar proportions to the 2001-2004 Firebird based models, though the ride height in the front seems a bit higher. The convertible top is similar to the 2005 Fox/Mustang based car with what appears to be space for a rear quarter window behind the passenger door. The photos are a bit grainy, so it is hard to see if the neatly designed triangular Mercury Cougar sourced door handles still being used. I was sorry to see the back-up lights are still positioned on the rear bumper next to the licence plate, rather than up on the trunk lid to continue the horizontal line started by the tail lights. All in all, it's still the best looking limited production car on the market IMHO. I wish them the best of luck.

And SBCA96, the rims are THE perfect choice for any Avanti. What brand are they?

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Thanks, the rims are 03/04 Mustang Cobra wheels. To fit a Studebaker, I could not

use the factory wheels because they are 9 inchs wide. A company in Canoga Park,

AFS Wheels makes an 8 inch wide version with an inch off the factory backspacing

of 6 inchs, thats 5 inch backspacing. This still will not work on a Studebaker without

a 1/4 to 1/2 spacer. You may have seen my article in Avanti Magazine, with the swap

to Mustang Cobra 13 inch brakes (first with GT brakes). The rotor in my setup is in

between the hub and the wheel and acts like just over 1/4 inch spacer. See issue

133 or the posted thread on this forum for more details.


Avanti Motors uses a new Mustang chassis for the new car, so they can run any of

the Mustang wheels available. Their original prototype had these ugly wheels on it:



Here is the 2006 Mustang the new Avanti is built on : GT shown


here is the upcoming 2007 Mustang Cobra :



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