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2006 Model Photos

Guest DRN

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The Avanti Motors website has changed back to the pre-March 2006 format. There is a description of the 2006 model Avanti, but still no photos.

To Avantidan:Are photos coming soon?

I thought the '06 platfom would be dimensionally different enough from the Firebird and Fox Mustang platforms that a new body would result...one that could be quite attractive with an aggressive stance.

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I will direct you to this thread :


And the following quote from "avanti-info" on Jun 1 2006, 08:56 PM

"In response to the questions about Avanti's future existence. Avanti Motor Corp. will soon be announcing exciting news about future production and future models. Avanti has not "gone away", it is only going through an important transition that will be made public soon.

This is the only post that will be made in this forum until the news on Avanti's new plans are released later this summer."


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