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Avanti bumpers


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I would like to remove the bumpers from a 1963 Avanti. I have been told that this is tricky for some reason. Can anyone comment on this? Mine are in good shape but need replating to match the quality of the rest of the body. Any tips or experiences appreciated!!

John :)


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I am in the same place as you, though I did remove the bumpers off my dads

1969 Avanti years ago. I dont remember any "tricks" involved. I also need my

bumpers replated, the back one is peeling/rusting. If I take them off soon, I

will post anything I find out. Right now this is a "back burner" project that I am

gathering info for.


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It goes easier with an extra set of hands - especially on the rear. same for putting them back on. don't forget to coat the inside of the bumpers with something ( I used rustoleum "chrome" colored paint. others have used silver por iirc).

good luck

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